Saturday, December 12, 2009

UGA fans getting greedy

As the news and rumors swirled on Rivals' last night after their interview a potential new Defensive Coordinator hire, the message boards went crazy, mostly full of folks flying off the handle that UGA would dare give its coveted defensive coordinator position to someone other than Brian Van Gorder, Kirby Smart, or whoever the best Defensive Coordinator is alive today.

All of a sudden, the coordinator position has become much like a vacant head coaching position at Georgia, Alabama, Florida or any other big-time program, where every fan feels like they are entitled to the best candidate out there. As if every coordinator in America is somehow dreaming of coming to work for Mark Richt in Athens.

Reality check: I don't think D1 FBS coordinators really go around dreaming of bigger and better coordinator positions. I'd guess most would just as soon stay where they are, barring any major differences in salary potential (which certainly do exist.)

UGA fans would be better served by simply remaining happy that a change is being made. Whoever it ends up being, whether its a "flashy" name or not, just be happy that you're going to see a different scheme, a different attitude, and in all likelihood, a different result starting in 2010. If your biggest concern is whether or not the announcement of a new Defensive Coordinator at UGA puts a scare into your Tennessee and Florida co-workers, or if the news makes the scroll on the bottom of ESPN, you might need to re-think why you are a UGA fan. Just be POSITIVE about it. We are moving in a different direction on defense, and as long as that direction is different than what we've seen over the last 3 years, that's really all that matters.


Scott said...

Amen, amen, amen.

If it IS who UGASports is talking about (which...I read the article, and they certainly don't have any evidence of substance), he was pretty successful at Clemson and Troy, and hasn't been at K. State long enough to make a real judgement on the job he's doing there.

I love how fans think we can somehow FORCE Kirby, BVG, whomever, to take the job. If they don't want to leave their current environment, what are Damon and CMR supposed to do? Chloroform them and throw them in the trunk?

genxdawg said...

Thank you.

BigMuddyDawg said...

Well said, sir.