Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Changes Announced

Richt announces that Martinez, Fabris and Jancek will all be let go. The next few weeks will be has been a while since we've been through this process. It will be interesting to see if other shoes will drop, as new hires are announced.

Good luck to all 3 in their future endeavors. Their resumes are top of class thanks to their time spent in Athens, and all 3 will have good jobs elsewhere in very short order.


Bop said...

The thing that makes me excited about CMR going forward is his realization that Jancek was a HUGE part of our defensive failures. Our LB's have been at a disadvantage under his leadership.

Bop said...

And God bless Coach Martinez and Coach Fab...they are good men. I hope nothing but the best for them in the future.