Thursday, November 12, 2009

Top 25: Week of November 8-15

1. Texas Longhorns (9-0): as much as an undefeated SEC team might have rights to this slot, Texas has simply been more impressive this season, regardless of the opponent.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide (9-0): the Tide's season has been full of those "moments" that every National Champion seems to have.

3. Florida Gators (9-0): good to see that the offensive resurgence was simply limited to the Cocktail Party. Vandy seemed to bring the world back to its normal rotation.

4. TCU Horned Frogs (9-0): if TCU (or Cincy) manages to go undefeated and 2 of the Texas/Bama/Florida trio slip up, I firmly believe they should be playing for the National Title.

5. Cincinnati Bearcats (9-0): see above.

6. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (9-1): most impressive 1-loss team by far in my opinion.

7. Pittsburgh Panthers (8-1): seems like any team that loses to NC State shouldn't be in the Top 10, but it is hard to find 7 teams that should be ahead of them.

8. Oklahoma State Cowboys (7-2): with the exception of 2 games, they've been impressive all year long. I'm sure they'd like to play Houston again.

9. Southern Cal Trojans (7-2): no team on Earth gets more benefit out of teams losing ahead of them in the polls. And it happens every year.

10. Boise State Broncos (9-0): move along, nothing to see here.

11. Louisiana State Tigers (7-2): nobody has 2 "better" losses.

12. Houston Cougars (8-1): appears to have completely abandoned the idea of playing defense.

13. Utah Runnin' Utes (8-1): 7 point loss at Oregon is the only thing keeping this weekend's showdown with TCU from being one of the games of the year in college football.

14. Miami Hurricanes (7-2): people seem to be writing the Canes off after the quick start to the season, but they are still in position to for their best season in years.

15. Ohio State Buckeyes (8-2): see #9 Southern Cal.

16. Penn State Nittany Lions (8-2): really should be dropped further after that debacle last week. And at home no less.

17. Oregon Ducks (7-2): the defense simply took the week off last week. No other way to explain it.

18. Oregon State Beavers (6-3): they aren't really beating anybody up, just finding ways to win. 3 losses were to pretty good teams.

19. Clemson Tigers (6-3): having a nice year, but this is really a testament to how average college football teams are after the Top 13 or so.

20. California Golden Bears (6-3): I'll hand it to them, when this team decides to lose, it makes sure it really does the job.

21. Iowa Hawkeyes (8-1): they probably should have been dropping all along while they were barely winning.

22. Wisconsin Badgers (7-2): the Badgers' program should just reside in the 20-25 range of the polls in perpetuity for eternity.

23. Arizona Wildcats (6-2): tough slate for the Wildcats to make it to Pasadena. 3 of the final 4 on the road (Cal, ASU and USC among them.)

24. Arkansas Razorbacks (5-4): I deserve it if I get some heat for this one, but what the hell....

25. South Florida Bulls (6-2): 2 losses were to my #5 and #7 teams.


Schlitz said...

I'm with you - although I'd throw Tennessee in the mix. They've got to be a team that no one would particularly want to play right now. All their losses could've gone the other way with some luck. Going head to head right now with the forementioned Top 25, I'd have them around 15.

DRM said...

#25 should tAke more heat than 24 after that beat down.

Schlitz said...

Typo mistake:

Tennessee sucks is what I meant to say.

This is why The Shlitz is looking towards additional income streams besides wagering on football.