Friday, November 13, 2009

Bigs shine in Fox debut.

Georgia - 67 New Orleans - 59
The game was decided by our post players. Howard Thompkins III was dominant .... 25 pts 12 rebs 3 blocks 1 asst 1 steal. Chris Barnes was active all night on the glass .... 8 pts 11 rebs 2 blocks. Jeremy Price was 5-5 from the field and ended up with a dozen points. All of our post players looked stronger and Trey was noticeably quicker.


Man, am I glad to have Coach Mark Fox in Athens. He just seems to get it. Whatever 'it' is, he gets 'it' and he has 'it'. He's done everything this program needed since his arrival.

We will definitely struggle scoring at times this year. We just don't have many true weapons on the offensive end outside of Howard Thompkins III. Of course, Leslie only played briefly after early foul trouble, so the baby Josh Smith was not a factor tonight.

Our strength is undoubtedly our front court. We should not be out rebounded in many games this year. Trey is a special player and Fox is going to showcase him. Reminds me of when Shareef Abdur-Rahim was at Cal. The big difference is we don't have an Ed Gray on our roster.


Boy, were we spoiled for 8 straight years with good point guards in Gaines and Wright. I was surprised at how much time Vincent Williams got at pg tonight. He and Ware pretty much split the time equally. Mayfield is a good looking specimen. Anyaorah looked better than I expected and was really active when he was in there.

Should be a fun season. We will win games that people expect us to lose. 16 wins is what I'm thinking. We are young and have a coach that the players seem to enjoy playing for. I fully expect Fox to take this program to another level and win big in Athens.

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JJ said...

I knew that Trey's work in the offseason with Team USA was going to be huge for him. I really believe that he's going to contend for SEC Player of the Year this season, if UGA can finish 4th or better in the East.