Friday, November 13, 2009

Basketball season!!!!

Not only does the Mark Fox era begin tonight at Stegeman Coliseum (7:00 PM, vs New Orleans, tickets), but the 6-2 (and 1st place) Atlanta Hawks travel up to Beantown take on the hated Celtics. This is simply a game that the Hawks need to find a way to win. If they can pull it off, this is a legit Eastern Conference contender. If not, then maybe its just the same old Hawks.

Daugman's Chronicles - outlook on the Dawgs' upcoming season.


Schlitz said...

I think I just hit a new all time low...

If you see Cody at the game tomorrow be sure to ask him, "what do you think of basketball?"

Bop said...

Hawks are flat out better than the Celtics. Man, I hope we get them in the playoffs too. We are legit contenders. Been a long long time.

What are the odds Pierce finally paid Horford the 10k that he owes him? Bunch of Puss!*s on that team.

Solid win tonight. Better team won.