Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bad Idea Helmets

Photo: Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Otto said...

LOL.....perfect JJ!

What a gimmicky Program UGA has turned into. I compare it to the gimmicks that minor league baseball programs do to draw fans......except it is like the ATL Braves doing it all of a sudden.
I had a sick feeling as soon as I saw the team run out. Win or lose it was bush league. Bad idea helmets is right. I just got back from church and some UA and AU fans I talked to actually feel sorry for us UGA fans......very strange and very pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I've lived in Fla since 1993; and when Spurrier used to beat us, we knew the talent just wasn't there. We have talent on the field and we're not coaching them up. Changes have to be made this offseason. I hate CUM; but I bet he could take our UGA team and coach them for a month and keep the game closer against his Gators. It's all coaching!!!!!!!