Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Assumption: Willie Gets Fired

Let's assume that Willie is not our defensive coordinator next year. Who do you want to see as the replacement? Here are a few names I have come up with (some of the candidates are only going to be available if they get fired from their current head coaching positions)...

Kirby Smart (current DC @ Bama)- he seems to get the most talk on this issue among UGA fans. He played in Athens in the mid 90s, was on CMR's staff for 1 year, and has had the opportunity to learn from one of the best defensive minds in football while coaching under Nick Saban with the Dolphins and at Alabama. (Downside: Is the Bama defense really his? Or is it Nick's)?

Ron Zook (current HC @ Illinois) - Don't laugh - He certainly isn't head coaching material, but he can recruit like hell and has a pretty impressive resume as a Defensive Coach. (Downside: The guy is a laughingstock as a HC).

Al Groh (current HC @ Virginia) - He's no spring chicken (65 years old), but he brings an impressive knowledge of the defensive side of the ball. (Downside: His age)

Jon Tenuta (current DC @ Notre Dame) - If Weis gets fired from ND, Tenuta will be looking for work. ND's defense is terrible, but I always hated it when UGA played against his defense while he was at GT. And, his aggressive, blitzing style would be a welcome change from Willie's soft zones. (Downside: ND's defense sucks right n0w).

Tommy West (just fired as HC @ Memphis - will remain HC thru end of season)- Would he make a better D-coordinator than he makes a Head Coach? (Downside: He is probably best-known for his inability as a HC @ Clemson).

Dick Bumpas (current DC @ TCU) - The TCU defense has been nasty with Bumpas as coordinator. Would he take the same title with a traditional football school in a real conference? (Downside: Can he produce similar results in the SEC vs. a real schedule?)

These are just a few names. But, if we are going call for Willie's job (and rightfully so), we need to have an idea of who we are going to put in his place. If I had to pick one of the above, I would probably go with Ron Zook (I can't believe that I just typed that). Obviously, there are some candidates out there that I am missing. Who do you think we should hire? One of the above or someone that slipped my mind???


JJ said...

Personally, I'd be happy with anybody on that list except Kirby Smart and Al Groh.

I think Zook would be an excellent choice. Easily the best of the lot. Unfortunately, Illinois is making a little run at the end of this season so he may not be in that much trouble this year.

Sports Dawg said...

Going back to the assumption part JJ: A whole lot of UGA people don't think CMR will terminate CWM (back to that "loyalty" thing). With that in mind & since you mentioned Tommy West, wouldn't it be great if Memphis was interested in CWM as their next HC? That would make it easier on all of us, especially CMR. Having said that Zooker might not be bad , especially as a recruiter, since CRG will probably want to leave if he isn't promoted to DC.

Gary said...

I like the choice of Zook. He has coached defenses in the NFL and was successful before going to Florida. Some guys are just better at coaching a specific aspect of the game than being a head coach. I think Zook definitely fits here and will keep the recruiting going strong. Keep in mind that whomever Richt hires, he will have to let that person bring in their own staff. That means Rodney Garner might be gone as well.

RB Dawg said...

JJ - I agree about Kirby. I have never bought into the idea of him as our next DC.

Sports Dawg and Gary - y'all are both correct in thinking that we might need to replace Garner if he is not named DC. Which makes Zook look like an even better candidate. I hadn't thought about that.

j.leonardjr said...

Kirby Smart isn't going to leave Bama for UGA anyway. I would want Bumpass from TCU.