Thursday, November 5, 2009


Earlier this week, we heard from CMR that Washaun Ealey won't start Saturday because he missed a block against FL that led to one of our 4 interceptions on the day. Richt wants to hold #24 accountable for his missed assignment and give Caleb King the start this Saturday. That sounds great and I like the players dealing with consequences for their actions on and off the field.....

But, where the hell is the accountability for the rest of the team??? How many times have we seen our senior safety and senior CB get burned for TDs this year? How about holding our 5th year senior QB accountable for flinging 2 passes towards the sidelines and not getting the ball out of bounds when he could have just eaten the sack (once against UT and then against FL on Ealey's missed block)? How about sitting our whole offensive line for not opening up a single hole all year long (minus Samuel's long run vs. ARK)? How bout firing Willie's ass for letting our defense become progressively worse every single year since he took over the defense 5 damn years ago? If we are going to start holding everyone accountable for mistakes, we can't start and stop with Ealey.

Our starting QB has thrown at least 1 pick every single game! Is our bench really so bad that no other QB has gotten a single meaningful snap through 8 games for a team that is 4-4??? Give someone else a chance in a real situation and let's see how they handle it.

Our pass defense has been as bad as we've seen in Athens in a long, long time - how many lineup changes have we seen there??? ZERO!!!

I would love to see what someone else could do at a few positions on our team. I am all for Richt holding players accountable. But do it across the board - this is ridiculous.


Bop said...

Keeping Rambo on the sidelines during any meaningful defensive snap is just crazy. I'll never understand it.

Sports Dawg said...

Well put. I agree with Bop about Rambo. No Dawg fan I know can figure that one out.