Monday, October 12, 2009


Question. Is there a way to look up the strength numbers of our team , say the offensive line and what there numbers are in regards to weight lifting. Then get those numbers and compare them to say alabama's. I have no idea what we might find I am just curious if our strength numbers are on par with others. Cause we are definitely struggling in the strength department in regards to O-line, D-line, and Fullbacks. And from all the injuries that we have had in last year and a half, I wonder if our strength program has dropped some along with all the other aspects of our coaching.


JJ said...

I couldn't cite the specific numbers for you, but I'd be willing to bet the farm that the measureables of the UGA roster (bench presses, squats, 40 times, shuttles, etc) are every bit on par with any other program in the country.

There is no problem with the "numbers" that UGA players are putting up year in and year out in those categories. That doesn't mean that there aren't major problems with UGA's strength and conditioning program. I haven't been in "the arena", but my perception of the S&C program at most schools is that it is as much a program for mental development as it is physical (maybe even more mental.) Prime example is when Richt first arrived in Athens. He brought Dave Van Halanger with him from Tallahassee with the idea that he had to change the culture of the UGA program, and what he did in the following 24 months might have been his biggest success during his tenure. You can point to specific plays during games (mostly on defense) where that mentality manifested itself from 2001-2005. Something very disturbing has happened in the 3+ years since then....that mentality has completely disappeared. UGA has strong and fast players just like Alabama. What UGA doesn't have is the Alabama mentality. Whereever the motivation was coming from, whatever the "culture" was that Mark Richt changed, does not exist anymore. I honestly have no idea if he can get it back. But he will not be successful again (at least not at the level we all expect) without getting it back.

DRM said...

I could not agree with you more , jj. and i think that is one of the better statements that describes this problem that we are in right now.. Hopefully CMR and others address this problem and find a solution.