Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sour Grapes

You can tell me that the Dawgs really lost to LSU because they aren't the better team. I might ultimately agree with you....there are plenty of places to lay the blame in all 3 phases of the game, and includes coaches and players. But any analysis of what happened in Athens yesterday cannot be made without some mention of officiating. The ridiculous unsportsmanlike penalty on AJ Green aside, go back to the Orson Charles flag after his 3rd down catch late in the 3rd quarter. What did Orson do differently from anything that (for example) Tim Tebow has ever done after every play that gains positive yardage in his entire Florida career? (Hell, for that matter David Pollack used to do alot of the same thing.) Yes, I noticed that the official gave Charles a warning as he was walking past him (of course he threw the flag about 0.2 seconds after said "warning.") That doesn't change the fact that you can find a handful of examples in EVERY college game where a player does something much worse than what Orson did last night, and those players don't get flagged, much less even get a warning from a referee. I guess Orson needs to spend the offseason circumsizing babies in a 3rd world country, or perhaps he should blatantly plagiarize a halftime speech from a sappy high school football movie. I guess you have to earn that kind of treatment from the honorable officials of the SEC.

It saddens me that referees are not held publicly accountable for the calls that they make. Everybody else on the field yesterday will be. Instead, we'll see that crew on a field somewhere in an SEC game next week, maintaining the SEC's reputation of having the poorest officials in all of organized sports.

We're getting close to the 2 year anniversary of the celebration in Jacksonville. Its time to start having legitimate conversations as to whether or not Mark Richt's "master" motivational ploy was worth the price that UGA is still paying today. I'm not saying there is a blatant mandate from Birmingham...but I do believe that it is still in the back of every SEC official's mind that has called a UGA game since that fateful day.

SUNDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE: There has been a good bit of talk on various blogs and message boards today regarding the comments made by Tim Brando on the CBS Sportsline's SEC post-game show. Brando is taking this in a completely different direction (you can infer what that is) than where I was going with my comments above....but after hearing them, they make total sense. As I think back to all the times that I've been floored by the total inconsistency of when and to which players these flags are thrown against, I now believe I have more of an understanding. The funny thing is, someone called in to the 106.1 post game show last night after the game and made this same assertion, and I thought he was way off-base. After more time to consider it and hearing Brando's opinion, I'm now convinced of it and extremely sickened by the idea. I'm sure there will be a good bit of discussion here and elsewhere about this throughout the week.

Brando's comments can be viewed and heard here. Scroll to the 4:45 mark if you want to skip alot of talk about LSU heading into the Florida game next week.


finlo23 said...

It seems like the zebras have had it out for us since that 2007 cocktail party.Tebow celebrates all the time way worse than Charles or Green.CMR is too nice..The zebras know he wont say anything ,thats why they do it!Politics is the reason why they won yesterday,so they can get the ratings on fla/lsu.Its crazy cause everygame i watch for the rest of the season i will be pissed everytime someone scores and a celebration call isnt made.I hope they knock tebow out the game again next week!

Anonymous said...

The same call was made last night against OU vs. Miami. On a late touchdown. I agree with Brando that they need to take the subjectivness out of the ref's hands.

BayouDawg said...

I won't blame the loss on officiating, HOWEVER at the end of the day, if a 19 year old in front of 92k screaming fans isn't 1 - tauniting the other team and 2 - isn't doing it for more than 10 seconds, then please let that person enjoy the moment. These kids have so much adreniline (i suck at spelling..too many budheavies and wings at hooters) and focus so much during the week, that it is next to impossible to ask them not to celebrate some what during the game. Hell, some of the things that the coaches do and say on the sideline is much worse than what the players do...however the camras aren't on the coaches. Sad that a harmless ethusiastic non-play incident could change the game. At the same time, it is even sadder how tv is/has (my opinion is has) ruined the flow of the true game being played by 22 18 - 22 year old men. Money over emotion/skill/unpredicatbilty...that is what ncaa football has become. No one breaks up the flow of a game more than cbs, but espn is catching on quickly.

Anonymous said...

Well, looks like the SEC officials admit that they made a mistake on the celebration penalty. Big surprise.