Monday, October 5, 2009

The SEC admits their officials stink

I'm guessing we won't get to see the last 1:09 played over again (and it might not have changed the outcome anyway), but Tech graduate and Head of SEC Officials Rogers Redding felt the need to make a public statement about it anyway.

Let's make one thing perfectly clear....this is nothing more than a reaction to what could ultimately have (or will) become a very public and ugly backlash against the SEC based on the uproar that has come from just about every school in the conference not located in Louisiana, and more specifically as a result Tim Brando's potentially damning comments. Again, let's be clear....Redding is doing nothing more than "hedging" with this weak retraction, in other words hoping that by admitting the incompetence of the men he employs, perhaps this will get swept under the rug. I pray that won't happen until the entire roster of SEC officials (and Redding himself) are completely turned over, which is the only way we're ever going to hope to see improvement. Believe me, there are plenty more examples to draw from than just the call on Saturday evening.

You had better believe that as a result of this fiasco, the number of these kinds of penalty flags thrown after touchdowns will go down considerably starting this weekend. This has now become issue #1 with officiating in the SEC and possibly every other conference in America, and Redding has put his crews on notice. Use better discretion. Too little, too late.

Of course, no discussion of this issue can go without a mention of Coach Vince Dooley (who weighed in himself), who ironically might be the person most responsible for creation of this rule, which also adds to the long list of useless accomplishments of his since the day he stepped down as the UGA coach. Thanks're no doubt the greatest head football coach in the history of the University, but in the 15 or so years that followed your great run with the program, you didn't do your legacy any favors. Your comments on this subject at this point are meaningless at best.

Adding insult to this entire punch in the gut, the Lombardi reincarnate shared his comments with an interested North Florida journalist....his calculated comments serving nothing more than to position himself in the likely chance that one of his players put themselves in the same position Saturday night in Baton Rouge. If Timmy's brain unscrambles itself enough before Saturday to allow him to see the field, it will be interesting to see if he's up to his usual celebratory antics after every 2 yard gain. Also interesting is the fact that the head coach of a team that wasn't even involved in the game has had more to say about it than the head coach of the team that suffered because of the call. But, that's another topic for another time.

Its a shame that UGA has to lose a game (and again, I admit the outcome of the game might have been the same regardless) for one of the worst rules in organized sports to come under this type of scrutiny. But...I guess somebody had to fall on the sword. In the words of Bop as we were walking from the Tate Center toward Lumpkin Street at about 7 PM last Saturday night....TYPICAL.

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RB Dawg said...

Spoke with Bop earlier tonight - he hit the nail on the head when he said that there will be some fireworks over this down in Jacksonville this year. On the 2nd anniversary of the TD celebration, when Tebow raises his arms to pump up the crowd, the UGA half of Alltell Stadium is going to go nuts when a flag is not thrown.