Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Lets just dive right into some questions that some of you may be able to help clear up some things for us. Maybe it will help me grasp certain things if i know exactly where some of the decisions are coming from.

1) Who chooses the personnel packages through out the game?? Who chooses when Samuel, King, and Ealey comes in and out of the game? Who makes the call to play Wooten and not play Marlon?
Example.... Bobo made a comment about a week ago saying that he would love to get a running back in rhythm and get them 25 carries... But was he the guy earlier in the season when Samuel was running well took him out of the game for 15 straight minutes and basically the whole 2nd quarter???????? Or is that CMR???

2) Why when #1 comes in on offense, its always a hand off?? Can he not catch? And the same for Logan Gray, can he not throw? Its amazing in 5 games there has not been 1 play with either of those guys doing the opposite of what the whole world is thinking.. Logan Gray really hasn't thrown a pass all year???

3) Why does the staff say one thing to the media and then does something different?? Don't they know that when things don't work, it makes the fans more pissed. Didn't we hear about packages for Logan? Getting a RB in rhythm? Some things don't add up..

4) Is it really that difficult to figure out that #7 over the middle of the field is a positive play about every time we run it... And we did it once against LSU.. Who's at fault for not seeing that.. Cuz that seems obvious to me. And if we did call the play more and Joe Cox doesn't see him, which coach is at fault for not coaching that up??

Specifically for LSU game
5) If the coaches knew that Ealey was going to play , why 2nd half? Was it all the rushing yards and rhythm are backs were getting in the 1st half.. Oh, we had one first down!!! Who's decision is that??


1. Who chooses the personnel packages throughout the game? CMR or Willie? Specifically - what else does Rambo have to do take over the starting role from Evans?

2. Why did we move Marcus Washington to DE?? He isn't even playing. And, if memory serves correctly, he would probably be our 2nd of 3rd best LB this year.

3. Why are WR able to get so wide open so often? All too often, there is a WR catching a ball without a defender within 10-15 yards of him? Is it a terrible play call from the sideline or is it a missed assignment from the players? If it is the latter, when are players going to be benched for not knowing who to cover? If it is the former, I really hope CMR can get over this loyalty thing and do what's right for the program. I know everyone said our defense played an overall good game against LSU, but we gave up 7 more 1st downs and over a hundred yards more to LSU than what MISS ST gave up the week before. And we gave up more yards this past week to LSU than anyone had all season.. Washington, Vandy, Louisiana Lafayette, and Miss St all gave up less yards than us.

Could probably get to 50 questions but lets just focus on a couple

1) What is up with the kickoff coverage team? Who decides who plays on this unit? Richt or Fabris?? I just looked on DVR and here are the players we had in on our last kickoff vs. LSU - Marcus Dowtin, Rennie Curran, Bacarri Rambo, Prince Miller - OK - so far, so good. All 1st team defensive players (or pretty dang close in the case of Rambo). Then we have our backup QB in Logan Gray?? The rest of the players were all #'s i had to look up. And i had never heard of any of them and was told they were all walk-ons.

2) What happened to the threat of a punt return? I don't think I can watch Logan Gray trot out there and wave his hand 1 more time. We have some serious athletes on this team - is it possible that #6 is the only one that we trust not to drop the ball on the punt return? He is our #2 QB!!!!!! And i know... he's gonna fair catch it so he has no possibility of getting hurt.. So that leads to #3..

3) If everyone in the world knows Logan is gonna fair catch it, then why don't we rush the punter?? Are we SCARED that we might get a flag and go from 115th to 118th in penalties.. I might be missing something here, but sure would be nice to have the option of running the punt or at least bring the house to try and block it.

4) Directional Kick-offs ???? I think this has been covered about 245 times.. But seriously , STOP !!!!!

5) Last but not least ,, who makes the decision to break from the huddle on the final kickoff ?? We all know what happened, but who makes that decision?? CMR or Fabris??It was not a good one.. We already have issues with kick-offs, so lets try to trick em with breaking from the huddle. And let our already slow walk-ons start about the 10 when Walsh kicks the ball. Watch the tape , half the guys are on the 10 when Walsh kicks the ball from 15.. And he kicked the ball a little to the right of middle and that was the side we had 3 guys running down(illegal !!) Sure it was real tough for Holliday to get his 45 yards !!!


j.leonardjr said...

I am pretty sure Marcus Washington is back at LB. I saw #44 playing LB against LSU.

Sports Dawg said...

You didn't miss a thing. If we're going to be a 6-6 team, which is what we're playing like now,let's go 6-6 & give Logan or 1 of the freshmen some gametime so we won't be high & dry in 2010. I'm not giving up on the season, just saying. Also, why can't Richt have a full-time special teams coach who isn't a position coach as well?

Schlitz said...

I'm sensing some frustration...

I'm baffled on many of your points as well. I can say this; the wide open receiver against LSU was clearly a personnel mistake, not coaching. Jones was back and broke the wrong way leaving the He was flat out burned, but I guess it'd be hard to sit a guy like him on the pine.

Mike said...

You're making sense to me. Anybody listen to the CMR show on 960 The REF last night? You're spot on with that offensive question #3. He also said "the Bulldawg nation should watch other teams in the league and notice that every other team in the SEC is doing the exact same thing we are with regard to kickoffs." I almost drove my car into a friggin telephone pole. And you are correct, LSU's offense flat out sucks.

I know you didn't address this, but let's just resign ourselves to the notion that 2009 is the year Georgia catches every single bad call there is to be made on the field. It's obvious that that's the case no matter what league the referees are from (I'm referring to the OSU game here). Is it SEC retaliation from the 2007 Florida game? WHO CARES. I've got an idea...WIN THE DAMN GAME ANYWAY.

I know I said some things to the contrary after the OSU loss, but I'm seeing things more clearly now. We are gonna get reamed this year, and I don't expect the bad calls to stop even with this latest bit of attention to UGA vs. SEC refs. So by god I hope we get better or we can start kissing recruits good bye. Cause they aren't gonna be thinking about bad calls and frustrating, stolen games when they decide where to go to school.

Anyhow I guarantee you we lost a few prized recruits when our genius fans started booing at the end of the game. What was everybody booing for? Refs? Coaching? Players? I don't know and neither do any of the recruits at the game. Real, real smart. If you only do two things as a fan, let them be this: don't stand there looking hurt and teary eyed after every single opposing TD (cause the camera will find you) and NEVER PISS OFF RECRUITS IN ANY WAY. But I know I'm preaching to the choir here. The fine C&C readers don't need to hear anybody say that, but hey you've gotta vent somewhere.

RB Dawg said...

I wish I had an answer for any of the above questions. It doesn't make any sense. There is no doubt that the coaches know more about how to run a successful program than I do. BUT, some things have got to change - we are going the wrong way...

Anonymous said...

A fair catch made by a Logan Gray doesn't mean the gunner for the other team isn't going to run through the fair catch and injure LG.
Its been done. Look back at the Sugar Bowl against Hawaii, Mikey Hendersons college career was over in the 1st quarter thanks to that thug from Hawaii. What if it happens to LG? We are then one play away from a true freshman playing QB. Not to mention all the return yards we are missing out on by not returning the punt. This single mind numbing decision is almost as bad as the continued directional kicks.

Anonymous said...

"So by god I hope we get better or we can start kissing recruits good bye."

Georgia's recruiting is among the best in the country this year and for next year.

Back away from the ledge.

Mike said...

That's fine anon, be a-ok with backpedaling out of the top 25 and losing to 2 absolutely mediocre and overrated teams. I am aware of our recruits for the next 2 years. I can read rivals.com too. Recruits can and do change their minds. I'm not trying to be malicious here but I'm really tired of the "back away from the ledge" talk. As RB said, we ARE going in the wrong direction. And I'm not one to jump on or off any bandwagon. Hey, I'll admit it: I'm frustrated as hell.

Anyway I don't see how saying that we will lose recruits if changes aren't made means I'm giving up on the football program. I'm sorry but I think you are echoing the sentiments of a dwindling minority.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't Rambo been moved in front of Evans and what happened to Makiri Pugh?

Anonymous said...

"That's fine anon, be a-ok with backpedaling out of the top 25 and losing to 2 absolutely mediocre and overrated teams. I am aware of our recruits for the next 2 years. I can read rivals.com too. Recruits can and do change their minds."

So an inexperienced team in a transitional year loses two games to two ranked teams. Both games are fairly close, especially the second one, which is decided in the last minute after a controversial (and incorrect) personal foul flag.

And recruits are gonna up and leave after that? They're not going to play for the coach that put two guys in the NFL Draft's top 12? They're not going to play for the coach (and coordinator, I should add) who made Matthew Stafford the richest draft pick in the history of organized football?

Ever heard of Tim Tebow? After watching Florida lose 30-3 to Alabama, he chose Florida over Alabama. Like, that week.

You have absolutely no clue what you're talking about. Stop watching football.

Mike said...

Well, you place a lot of trust in the memory and judgement of high schoolers being pulled in 12 different directions. Like we are the only team in the SEC who can put 1st rounders in the draft. But I hope you're absolutely right in every way.

Your example is Tebow? Really? Good Lord...

Don't lump me in with the apes in Athens calling for CMR's head on a platter or anything like that. (And they do exist, I hear it everyday). I'm not anywhere close to full panic mode yet.

Just don't respond to me anymore. You are the absolute definition of misdirected hostility. How can some of us be so complacent with losing to these two teams? Regardless of the freaking penalties. It's sickening.

OSU is a laughing stock. Houston beat em in Stillwater, then lost to UTEP last week. UTEP!
I hope Brantley does play Sat. just to show how bad LSU is when UF wins handily. I just don't think LSU can score on Florida.

Since the high anonymous high lord hath commanded it, no more football for me.
On to knitting I guess.

Anonymous said...

this ain't about recruits. we're up to our cornhole in top recruits.

this is about what happens after they're on campus. they ain't getting the coaching.

Naked Frank Beamer said...

Aww. Poor Mike got schooled, and now he's flying away!

Mike said...

Truth. We are in fact getting by on God given talent.

Frank, I would say something to you but after following your link I'm pretty sure you would find out who I am and brutally murder me. Do you actually like football or just hate Georgia? Go easy man. You may wanna sit the next couple of plays out.

Bop said...

"How can some of us be so complacent with losing to these two teams?" - I agree with this 100%. OSU is like Kentucky and LSU is a shell of what they used to be.

Bop said...

Oh and Frank, thanks for stopping by troll.

Is Va Tech the Auburn of the ACC or something? The school nobody seriously considers attending until you don't get in your first choices? Then you move back home to someplace like Atlanta and become more and more bitter every passing year when nobody gives your second rate institution any respect. Just wondering.

JJ said...

I'm pretty sure anonymous @ 4:28 is related to Mark Richt in some way.

Seriously, one of my blogs next week is going to be to list all of the quotes from the UGA coaching staff (Richt included) so far this season, that are stated with the idea in mind that the entire UGA fanbase has never watched a college football game in their lives. Like when Richt defends his kick coverage by saying that the 2 games we were most hurt by kickoff returns were against 2 of the best in the country. Then you look at the stats and see that Oklahoma State and LSU were about #105 and #112 respectively in kickoff returns coming into last week's games. Fact - he thinks we are all idiots.

Another fact: there are quite a few drinking the kool-aid right now. When I see comments like "inexperienced team in a transitional year loses two games to two ranked teams"....it is confirmed. This is big boy football folks. Don't give me this transition year crap.

JJ said...

Anon @ 2:54 PM: it is late in the 2nd quarter in Knoxville, and you my friend are an idiot. Let's hear your excuses now.