Friday, October 16, 2009

Players or Coaching

I have read some articles and blogs through out the week saying that some people think that the demise of UGA defense is a little more about personal than it is coaching.. I am gonna steal some numbers from a couple other blogs. Check the full articles HERE and HERE

-Georgia has allowed 37 points or more in 7 of the past 12 games.
-Dead last in the SEC in scoring defense and next-to-last in total, passing and pass efficiency D. In three of four SEC games -- against South Carolina, Arkansas and Tennessee -- UGA has allowed at least 37 points, 400 total yards and 300-plus yards passing, already highs for the Richt era in all three categories.
-Under defensive coordinator Brian Van Gorder (2001-04), the Dawgs surrendered 30+ points 1 time.
-Under defensive coordinator Willie Martinez (2005-P), the Dawgs have surrendered 30+ points 14 times.
-Scoring Defense – 100th in country

I know that BVG defense back in 2002 had studs all around, I get it... And I know Buck Belue has come out and said a lot of it is personel, that Willie just didn't forget how to coach. All good points, BUT.... We are not talking about going from the best defensive numbers in the SEC to the middle of the pack. We are talking about going to DEAD LAST !!!!!! Those numbers would suggest that we had the personel of the 86 Bears and then all the sudden had the personel of the 08 Lions.. Just not the case , and that is truly a slap in the face to the players. Seriously people, we are talking about LAST !!!!!! Behind Miss St ! Behind Vandy! Behind Kentucky! Do not tell me that we just missed on the players we recruited a couple years ago. If we were just average or just middle of the pack then i could take some of the argument but we have not been average lately. We have been the WORST in the conference, the numbers tell the truth. And i know people will argue that sometimes the numbers don't tell the whole truth.. BUT when you get into the number of games that we are talking about, they do tell the WHOLE truth.
Lets argue another point that you hear-- "Well the offenses in the SEC are better now." I agree, BUT!!! Not to the extent that from the years 01-04, UGA allowed 30 points 1 time, then from the years 05 to now, UGA has allowed 30 points 14 TIMES!!!!!! Come on people, that's 14 TIMES more.. Not 5 times, not 8 times, 14 TIMES more!!!
We are not talking about small differences here people , we are talking about MAJOR differences. We are talking about being at the front of the bus to going to the last seat on the bus.. And don't tell me that is just because we recruited a bunch of lemons!!


RB Dawg said...

It is not personnel. Anyone saying that has to be related to Willie.

I don't buy in to the recruiting rankings as much as some others do, but check out this article from Chip Towers (

I know that the recruiting services miss on some players, but not by that much. The average defensive starter on this year's team received an average of just over 4 stars (and that is not counting Geno Atkins, w ho carries a 4.5 average). And we average over 3 years experience at each position!! By contrast, Alabama is averaging 3.4 stars per starter.

The talent is not being coached up in Athens on the defensive side of the ball. Or the scheme sucks. Or both. But talent is not the problem.

RB Dawg said...

When people say that we can't compare BVG average points against vs. WM average points against, I kinda understand. The league has changed and the offenses may be better now.

BUT, it's completely fair to look at where our defense ranks in the SEC under WM vs. under BVG- and that has been a huge drop-off and that also blows the whole "SEC offensses are better now than when BVG was our DC" argument out of the water.

MikeInValdosta said...

If the offenses are so much better it would effect all teams performance. The reality is, the offenses are better against us than any other team.

Furthermore, if it is talent, who recruited that talent?

Either way, responsibility falls in the same lap.

JJ said...

Buck's argument is moot, because Willie never has been able to coach in the first place. His first year as DC was 2005. The Auburn and West Virginia games that season were on his watch. Those games should have told us everything we needed to know about him.

JJ said...

I'm also going to say that UGA does have some personnel issues on defense. Missed on some key targets in state over the past 3 yrs. Reid, Burnett, Berry, and Lindley are all Georgia kids and are playing for schools other than UGA. That would be one heck of a secondary ,in fact any one of those guys would have helped immensely. (Credit my good buddy JD for that statement.)

BayouDawg said...

If it was talent then the other coaches in the conference weren't going after the same guys, then I would by the talent argument, HOWEVER that is not the case. The kids we got were as coveted by other coaches in our conference when they were in school. Its the coaches.

BayouDawg said...

Oh and if anyone hasn't noticed, there are a fair number of dawgs in the nfl, so don't tell me its the talent. No one can tell me that atkins, curran, miller, rambo, boykin, owens, smith, cuff (if not riding the scooter), and some others (not evans)wouldn't have been picked up by other top programs across the country. It aint a lack of speed, it aint a lack of strength. Its technique, discipline, and defensive schemes - which all point to the coaching staff IMO.