Friday, October 2, 2009


Is this the game where the Dawgs finally put it all together??? We have seen the offense, the defense and the special teams all show the potential to dominate a game. But, we are still waiting for them to all show up at once in the same game. If we can ever find a way to hold on to the dang ball, we could be stupid good. If we continue to be -2 in the turnover ratio every single game, its going to get ugly fast with the games we have left on the schedule. The good news is that LSU has not been very impressive in their first 4 games either. If we can limit our turnovers to 1 and if we can force a turnover or 2, I really think we can win this one handily.

When asked about ball security earlier this week, Richt said that he doesn't care about our turnover ratio up to this point - all he cares about is winning the turnover battle on Saturday. I agree with him 100%, but the question is.... Will we see a change this week or will the trend continue??? I am always optimistic, but I think this is the week that we finally put it all together and we win by 10 points or so in a good, competitive SEC battle.

Y'all's thoughts? Have we been unlucky with the turnovers up to this point or are we just a turnover-prone team that will have to battle vs. the turnover ration all year long?

Photo: one of Georgia's 12 turnovers this season.

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Bop said...

Well, we've won 6 of 8 including 3 straight blowouts against LSU...but I don't see any reason we will put it all together tomorrow.

This is one of the only teams that can match us with sheer talent, and this is one of the only teams that I am extremely confident that we will out coach. The "Damn good football team" that Miles has, has a retard leading them.

I'll be shocked if we turn it over more than them and win. If it's equal, we should win this game by about 7.

About the only sure thing tomorrow is Miles will get way to close to some poor girl and invade her personal space when answering a question on the way off the field at halftime.