Saturday, October 3, 2009

LSU Prediction

Having been just about spot on in all 4 games so far (although not at all expecting the offensive outbursts against SC and Arkansas), I am going into this one at my most optimistic. UGA wins this one by a fairly comfortable margin, minimum 14 points. I say this for no other reason than the Dawgs are due for a "clean" game. 3 to 1 on the wrong side of the turnover margin can't continue for every game this season, so why not flip that the other way today.....LSU has been the opposite way on turnovers, so perhaps today is the day it swings the other way for them as well. Or then again, maybe that is just who these teams are. If those trends continue, my prediction is null and void (how's that for a hedge?)

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JJ said...

Well, that does it for the "predictions" segment this year.