Saturday, October 10, 2009

Can you tell the difference in these 2 pictures?

Come on Coach. At least try to make us think you care.


Schlitz said...

I think the new photo atop C & C pretty much sums everything up right now.

JJ said...

Eric Berry quoted in the AJC after the game today....(paraphrasing) Kiffin guaranteed that Tennessee would never lose to UGA as long as he's there.

Kiffin was quoted as saying that he believes the UGA game is the most important game on Tennessee's schedule. One of his most important goals as the UT head coach is to dominate recruiting in the state of Georgia.

Mark Richt needs to lose his "stoic" demeanor and get with the program, or go coach in the ACC. Nice guys do NOT finish first in this conference at the present time. Grow some balls or go somewhere else.

MCS said...

Attitude reflects leadership...act like you give a sh*t CMR and show some passion and maybe your players would be inspired to play with some. I'm sure as a player it's hard to care if you know all you are going to get is a "good job" or "good try" for your efforts.