Friday, September 11, 2009

Reasons to be Optimistic

1. Last week's Opening Drive - Mike Bobo showed why CMR pegged him as the play-caller a few years ago. The opening drive was a thing of beauty as we marched 80 yards for a TD to start the season. Seeing Smith get the ball in his hands so early in his career was awesome and showed me that the coaches think they really have a special talent on their hands.

2. Junkyard Dawgs - The D was nasty last week. They held what is considered to be one of the best offensive units in football to 24 points total. And 17 of those points were practically given to the Cowboys by the special teams and our offense. Rennie Curran seems determined to lead this D back to where it was before the disaster performance that our D turned in last year.

3. Big Hits from the Safeties - Evans and Jones laid the wood last week. The 2 hits that we all remember were 2 of the biggest hits we have seen since Greg Blue left town. It turns out that the hit by #9 was illegal and drew flags from seemingly every ref within 100 miles. That was one of the biggest puss calls in the history of college football. If that is the rule change, then you can expect more than 1 game to be determined by that stupid-ass rule.

4. Our Offensive Line - I keep reading about how our O-Line was a disappointment last week. But then I keep hearing about how Richard Samuel should have busted out a few more runs and he only had 2 runs of of zero or negative yards. If he got tackled by the 1st defender every time and still had the #'s he had, then our O-Line did their job.

5. Richard Samuel - Yes, he probably should have busted a long run or 2. But, this was his 1st start and I love how hard he runs. When he relaxes a bit, he will figure out how to break some of the shoe-string tackles. And then he will be off to the races - I can't wait to see a cornerback try to tackle him when he has a full head of steam going. I think If RS had gotten 25-30 carries last week, we would have won the game.

6. Brandon Boykin - played a very solid game for a SO making his 1st start. I feel much better about the secondary than I did before we went into Stillwater.

7. Blair Walsh - Looked good on his only FG attempt. The 53-yarder would have been good from 63.

8. The Grayhound - While I am pulling for Joe Cox to have a big game Saturday, it is kind of nice to have the X factor as our 2nd string QB. He brings a whole new skill set to our offense if we sputter. Now, Bobo and Richt just have to be willing to pull Joe Cox if we aren't putting points on the board. I am not gonna lie - I was a little excited when I read that Gray was working with the 1st team offense this week. And that is not because I don't believe in Cox - I just like what Logan brings to the table.

9. CMR - The man has averaged over 10 wins per year while in Athens. It's hard to argue with that track record.

Before you check out my Reasons to be Concerned, I am curious to hear what gets you fired up about the Dawgs' outlook?

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