Friday, September 11, 2009

Reasons to Be Concerned

1. Who's telling the truth? - All the miscommunication and confusion coming from the staff in Athens. One coach says one thing, the players say another. Weird stuff. The best example of this is the WR rotation last week that left Wooten and Brown out of the game. All of the players seemed shocked when the 2 FR never entered the game.

2. The QB Situation - I think most UGA fans were excited to see what Joe Cox could do as the starter for the Dawgs this year. After the 1st game, most of us are hoping that the results were due to Cox's bout with the flu a few days before kickoff. It appeared that he does not have the arm strength, the poise that was expected out of the 5th year senior, or the accuracy and touch on his passes. His lack of height also showed against OK State as several passes were knocked down at the line of scrimmage.

3. Kicking game - I actually read a quote from former UGA players that Fabris "likes the challenge" of the directional kickoffs. Are you friggin' kidding me? The players went on to say that Fabris would keep the same strategy no matter what kind of leg our kickers had. He just prefers that to kicking it deep. Errrrrrrrrrr.....Coach Fab.........Uhhhhhhhhh.......Our kickoff coverage has sucked ass for the last few years - it might be time to challenge yourself in different ways.

4. "Vanilla" Play Calling - Why in the hell did our opening drive look so damn good and creative, only to get predictable and boring and unproductive for the last 55 minutes of the game? This concerns me to no end. I refuse to believe that we don't have the athletes to have a high-powered offense. We just need some creativity in our play-calling. The frustrating thing is that we were creative to start the game. Yet, for some reason, we stopped doing what was working for us. Like Peyton Manning said - find a handful of plays that work (which we did in the opening drive) and run the hell out of those plays. We also did nothing to get the ball into the hands of our best play-maker. We all know that teams will be game-planning vs. AJ Green all year long. We also heard all summer long that we were doing several things to set AJ up anyway by putting him in motion, running reverses, etc. I don't recall seeing any creative ways to get the ball in his hands in Week 1...

5. Lack of a Pass Rush - While the defense played a great game in Stillwater, the lack of pressure on the QB is a huge concern. After a great run of DE studs at UGA during the CMR era, we have been terribly unproductive from that position for the last 14 games.

6. Our Offensive and Defensive Coordinators - Has the rest of the league passed us by in this category? While Richt has remained loyal to his coaches, have we missed out on some great opportunities to better our staff, and therefore our team? I have always supported CMR's decision to keep his staff together, but I am beginning to wonder if we need to shake up our staff to keep up with all the changes in the SEC.

Check out my REASONS TO BE OPTIMISTIC. Until then, what are your biggest concerns?


Sports Dawg said...

I agree with every one of your points, but I do hope that last Saturday was Joe's "off day" for the year. Time will tell. Also, except for one, perhaps a couple of coaches, no other team would trade staffs with us.

DRM said...

Well after reading how bad Joe cox was in reality last weekend. We might have more than one coach that people would trade. Either Logan gray is absolutely terrible (which I don't believe) or we have some seriously idiotic coaches. The ESPN article that talks about his arm injury and his illness makes me wonder why he was on field at all. He lost 9 lbs in 6 days. And just started eatin normal this weeek. WTFuk!!!!!!! Wen Michael Jordan had the flu and scored like 30 was amazing. But that was Michael fucking Jordan. We are talking about Joe cox. Great guy , but seriously. Joe cox at maybe 70% is no way better than Logan gray. Hell , Courtney cox is better than Joe at 70%!!!! we better play differently tomorrow!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Some of you guys go a little too far with the cursing. I used to let my kids read this blog.