Sunday, September 20, 2009

No Excuses

I don't wanna hear about turnovers, penalties, and execution. I don't wanna hear any excuses for the defense. I don't wanna hear any coach including Coach Richt tell the media and fans that it was just a couple plays here and there. Instead of me going on a rant and bitching and complaining , i will just show everyone the numbers..
LAST 9 GAMES - Opponents are averaging 33 points against us. Ummmm that absolutely sucks..
Lets add 3 Games and make it 12 games which is a whole season ... Opponents are averaging 30.5 points against us.. Ugh- That SUCKS TOO!!!
That is a whole season of games (12) and given up over 30 points , that is ridiculous.
And once again don't tell me about execution, penalties, turnovers, field position, and other crap.. i will also hear, "well wait till we put it all together in one game".. WAIT WAIT WAIT... WAIT for what .. This is college football , there is no time for waiting.
The honest answer is our defense is just NOT GOOD at all..
But what bothers me the most , is that we are supposed to have really good players.. And i actually believe we do have really good players.. We have a major problem and things need to change. Over 30 points a game for a whole season worth of games is absolutely unacceptable!!


JJ said...

After watching the last 2 games a few times, I've come to the conclusion that the gameplan Willie and Jancek are coming up with isn't that bad. There were clearly some attempts at adjustments made during the past week. For example, there was alot more man coverage from the corners instead of zone. As a result you didn't see as much success with the tight end from Arkansas last night. Of course it didn't stop Arkansas, but I was at least pleased to see that he was trying. I guess my standards have dropped pretty far.

The problem that I see right now as that UGA has some of the worst-coached linebackers and defensive backs in the free world. (Imagine how good Curran would be if he had somebody teaching him something that the good Lord hadn't already blessed him with.) That's on Willie and Jancek. Its strange, because Willie wasn't always a bad secondary coach. Maybe he needs to get back up in the booth, I don't know. But..... win or lose, this is getting tough to watch.

Sports Dawg said...

I agree. With all the talent recruited into Athens over the past 5 years, Georgia should be re-loading as opposed to re-building. We have the very same problems we had a year ago. Not much as changed in the areas we knew we had to improve in. You're right, something is wrong in the 'Classic City". I continue to hope we are the kind of team that improves each week, but I did not think we would have to climb so far to be a "top-tier" SEC team. We have along way to go guys.

RB Dawg said...

Agree 100%. The excuses are getting old. Every game is looking like a shootout and that is not going to lead us to any champiosnhips. Something has got to change.

RB Dawg said...

Quoting Mark Bradley at the AJC... "Over the past nine games, Georgia opponents have averaged — averaged — 33 points. In 42 games under Brian VanGorder, whom Martinez succeeded as defensive coordinator, one opponent scored more than 30 points, and that was the 2003 BCS champion."

JJ said...

What's more amazing to me is that 95% of UGA fans are just now realizing this. As if the last 6 games of last season shouldn't have told you all you needed to know.

I realize we're all supposed to be optimistic by nature, but there are some things that are just so "real", they tend to trump any allusions of grandeur. The mess that was the UGA defense during the 2nd half of 2008 is a clear example. You can't just flip a switch with things like this and expect it to be better all of a sudden. UGA has always had good players. It always will. Everybody has injuries. There's only one place to lay the blame for all of this. I don't like to see anyone lose their jobs, but let's be honest. The man has been a coordinator at the highest level of amateur football. He'll get a job somewhere else as soon as he wants to.

JJ said...

That said, the die has been cast for this season. Last December was the time to let him go. Doing it now mid-year won't help anything. Let the season play out as it will (hopefully the offense will continue to put up 40 a game), and we'll just take whatever comes.