Sunday, September 20, 2009

National and Conference Stats Roundup

  • On the strength of his performance in Fayetteville Saturday night, Joe Cox is the 12th highest rated quarterback in FBS as of right now at 165.1. (For what its worth, Ryan Mallett is #1.)
  • It is worth noting that Joe has had the toughest row to hoe schedule-wise, with the exception of maybe Jacory Harris. Joe is 2nd in the SEC is passing yardage per game (trailing Mallett by a wide margin), 3rd in the conference is passing efficiency, and 4th in the SEC in total offense.
  • Incidentally, Joe is on pace for numbers somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,000 yards passing, 32 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions (to go with a sharp-looking 63% completion percentage.) Simply put, if he keeps up the current pace you could argue he'd have one of the best seasons of any QB in UGA history. Still a long way to go, of course.

  • Richard Samuel is 6th in the SEC in rushing yardage at 256 yards, 33rd in FBS.

  • AJ Green leads the SEC in receptions (17) and total reception yardage (275), although he is currently 3rd in yards per game. He's 23rd in FBS in yardage. I expect he'll be higher on that list in the next few weeks. AJ is also 8th in the SEC in scoring among non-kickers, at 6.7 points per game.

  • Brandon Boykin is 4th in the conference in yards per kick return at 32.4, which is also 15th in FCS. Brandon is 3rd in FBS in total kick return yardage.
  • Boykin has already returned 11 kicks this season. To put this in perspective, the most kicks returned in a season for UGA is 28 (two are tied, most recently Asher Allen in 2007.) At the current pace, Boykin will break that record before the end of October. Ugh.
  • Boykin is also 9th in the SEC in all-purpose yardage.

  • Drew Butler leads all of FBS and the SEC in punting average at 54.5 yards per game. (2nd place in FBS is a full 4 yards behind him, while 2nd place in the conference is a full 10 yards behind.)

  • Blair Walsh is 4th in the SEC in scoring among kickers at 9.7 per game. He's 30th in FBS among all players.

  • Rennie Curran leads the SEC in tackles, 6th in FBS.

Some team stats:

  • The Dawgs sit middle of the pack in the conference in scoring offense, which is pretty good considering that no one else in the SEC has played a schedule anywhere near what UGA has played.
  • On the flip side, scoring defense is dead last. Again, tougher schedule, and the numbers are a bit misleading thanks to some bad field position, but the numbers are not pretty either way (31 ppg allowed.)
  • In fact, let's just go ahead and the elephant in the room out there....the Dawgs rank in the bottom 3 in the SEC in just about every statistical category for defense with the exception of rushing defense (8th in the SEC) and opponent 3rd down conversion (6th.) Last in: scoring defense, passing defense, total defense, opponent first downs. The rest of them, UGA is either 10th or 11th in the conference.
  • Only Mississippi State is penalized more than UGA per game. The saving grace to this is that UGA leads the league in opposition penalties. People smarter than I can probably find some explanation for why this is the way it is.
  • Only Vandy is worse in time of possession than the Dawgs.
  • UGA is last in the SEC in turnover margin.
  • On the positive side, the Dawgs have been perfect in the red zone, going 9 for 9 so far. (Remember when this used to be a problem?)

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RedCrake said...

Most important stat - 2-0 in the SEC...

But you're right...many of those things need to change for the trend to continue.