Sunday, September 6, 2009

Frustrating Day for Dawgs

Some rambling thoughts on the game... I have always been outspoken when standing up for Richt and our entire coaching staff. That said, I cannot believe how bad the coaching staff was yesterday. I am laying the loss on them.

Why in the hell were we so creative on the opening drive and then so predictable for the final 55 minutes? Do y'all realize we scored 3 damn points on a 53 yard FG in the final 55 minutes against a crappy Big 12 defense that lost their starting MLB less than a week ago???

Where was Logan? Apparently, all the talk from CMR about getting him into the game was just put out there to try to mess with the OKST game plan. I loved seeing Branden Smith get in on the opening drive for a few plays (including a Wildcat). That kid must be crazy talented and fast for Bobo and Richt to get him involved this quickly. Then again, we never saw him again. What the hell??? I don't know if the 1st drive was scripted while Bobo was still in Athens, but it was a thing of beauty. Why did we go away from what we did on that drive?

Joe Cox was not nearly as good as I hoped he would be. I am not sure if yesterday showed the type of play we can expect or if his performance was sub-par due to the flu symptoms. But, my problem (again) is with the coaching staff. If Cox underperformed due to the illness, then why didn't the staff make a change and put Logan in the game? On the other hand, if yesterday is what Joe Cox is, why the hell are we not running the ball more often? I know that RIchard Samuel never busted out the long run and seemed to fall after the initial contact. But, he did average over 4 yards per carry for the game. And those stats aren't skewed by any long runs. If we don't have a QB that can win us games, I am fine with that. Hell - Trent Dilfer has won a friggin Super Bowl. But, you have to adjust your game-plan accordingly. We have to play to our strengths and (from what I saw yesterday) this team will have to play ball-control, smash-mouth football to have success. If the offensive staff has seen this for the last 9 months and we still don't adjust the plan, I am really concerned about the game-planning and play-calling.

The defense was awesome (except for the dropped INTs). BUT, since I am pissed about yesterday's performance, I am going to pick a bone with Coach Willie and his game-planning as well. We didn't get any pressure on the QB at all. If we don't have the DEs necessary to apply pressure to the QB with a 4 man rush, then change your fucking philosophy and play your strengths. When we develop a stud DE again, we can go back to rushing 4. But, right now, we don't have the horses to do it. And, we can't expect to go through our entire schedule without a pass rush and have success.

I will never understand how a kicker can kick the ball 53 yards (with at least 10 yards to spare) through the uprights with a rush in his face but he can't kick it in to the end-zone on a kickoff. And, I don't say that to rip on Blair Walsh - it just seems logical that kickoffs should not be a problem for someone with a leg as strong as his. That said, how can UGA not find a HS kid that can kick the ball 75 yards every time? That might be be most valuable scholarship we hand out. Speaking of scholarships and kickers - can someone explain why we burned a scholarship on a backup kickoff guy? Maybe there is something that I don't understand, but it seems like we are the only team that has this problem.

The optimist in me wants to say that yesterday was just a rusty start to a long season and we will get better each week. Let's hope for a better performance next week vs. South Carolina. As always, their defense will make that game interesting.


UGA69 Dawg said...

Blair is kicking the ball exactly where he is told to. Coach Fab is the worst special teams coach in the SEC. We kick it short so our inadequate kick cover team can try like heck to him the return guy up on the side line but we are so slow on the return team that the guy is 15 yards down the field before our first walk-on can get there. It is then left to the 4 1st team D guys who are tired anyway to try to make the saving tackle. If a bad word can be said about CMR it is that he has let the inmates (coaches) take over the asylum. FAB will not change and he just gave CMR and the entire Bulldawg Nation the middle finger. He must go.

PS He's not that great a DE coach, he just looks great when CRG gets him great players.

Anonymous said...

I think the game against SC has the makings to be totally opposite what EVERYONE thinks.

How many times have we looked awesome in our opener and South Carolina looked retched and yet we have either lost or looked the worst we have all year.

This year, they look the same and we look as bad as we've ever looked on offense, so it's a defensive 7-6 game right?

Not so fast. Our backs are in a corner and we have a great staff. Don't be surprised if we lay it on the Cocks big time.

Can't write this team off after one game. We learned a lot Saturday about who we are and aren't. We willget it fixed.

Remember Tennessee in 2007? Lost badly to Cal in game 1 but went to the SECCG too. That Cal team wasn't near as good as the OKST team we played Saturday.

We'll be fine.

Mike Rowan said...

While I agree with the entire analysis, except for one omission. That is that college football is becoming like Sigma Chi in the late 1990's. If you hit somebody too hard or get too physical, you get in big trouble.

This was evidenced by the wonderful leading with the helmet call that enabled OK State to score a touchdown that put us down for the count.

What sort of BS is that. It made me sick at my stomach to see such a wonderful play (and hit) get rewarded with a backhanded penalty.

I am calling on Obama to create yet another position in his cabinet called the Football should be Played Nicely So Don't hit each other too hard Czar. After all....that is the direction that we are headed in....

JJ said...

Matthew - could not agree more. As much as I had a bad feeling about the Oklahoma State game, I'm having a good feeling about South Carolina. People were putting too much stock in Richt's road record going out to Stillwater, but the circumstances this year were different this time. I still think this team has issued that we'll have to deal with at some point in the near future, but we'll be feeling alot better after this weekend.

Otto said...

I hope ya'll are right about the SC game...I just don't see it. It looks like a 17 to 10 game to me. Where do our points come from???? SC's front 7 are at another level than what we saw in Stillwater.
Unless CMR and CMB where just sandbagging in Stillwater I don't see them coming up with a plan to put our playmakers in a position to make plays. If #22 can't run through finger tackles against OSU what should we expect against SC?? After watching the game again RS should have had 3+ long runs/tds. Maybe King will be a difference maker?????? Even though he fumbled I think if Thomas would have gotten more touches.
Cox looks could see OSU's D creep up every play when they realized that Cox could not throw it over 30 yrds......Poor AJ, I hate to think we will waste a year he is on the team without someone to get him the ball......

JJ said...

Well, for starters the game will be in Athens. Since we've already proven that past trends (i.e. the overrated "Mark Richt road record") are utterly useless this season, perhaps this team is just 2 TDs or so better at home.

Secondly, there are high school offenses in Georgia that are better and more talented than SC. As bad as UGA looked offensively on Saturday, they looked like Texas Tech compared to what SC trotted out last Thursday night.

And as good as the UGA defense was Saturday, they are capable of better. Convert some of those turnovers that SC will undoubtedly offer up and give the UGA offense a short field, and this will likely be a comfortable win.

In short, as much as SEC homers (of which I am not one) don't like to admit it, the fact is that Oklahoma State is just a much better team than SC. They are ranked Top 10, and SC is unranked for a reason. I'm not saying UGA would have beaten OSU in Athens, but it would have been a toss-up. No reason that UGA can't handle a mediocre (even by its own program's standards) Gamecock team this weekend.

Otto said...

Garcia has the worse case of happy feet I have ever seen. He looks like the most uncomfortable qb in the pocket ever!!! Maybe UGA's DB's will catch something and we can get some points from the D or at least a short field.
This game is close even when UGA is sharp on O.......don't see any reason it won't be close this time around. I know USC O is nowhere near the level of OSU but I'm sure USC's D is better than OSU' it seems our O is pretty easy to scheme against to start this season. I would love to think UGA is mad and is about to unleash its frustration on SC in the comfortable confines of Sanford.... but I thought they were already feeling that way and were going to make a statement in Stillwater.

Can't wait either way!!!

JJ said...

I'm not saying it won't be close, I just believe that the Dawgs will pull out a win thanks to the Sanford crowd. Probably 20-7 or something.

RB Dawg said...

I would like to think that the OK ST game was a fluke and we are going to hand it to South Carolina. And I will almost guarantee you that I will be saying that by Friday. But, some of the quotes coming out form some of the coaches scare me. It sounds like we were terribly unprepared and completely out-coached and out-schemed. That scares the hell out of me.

Don't get me wrong - I will probably never call for Richt's firing and I am not going anywhere near that road. But, right now, I am worried about some of his staff members...

Given our track record of success under CMR, I think we all need to relax and see how things unfold this Saturday after the wake-up call of 48 hours ago.

VOLSFAN72 said...

A little off topic, but where in the world is Marlon Brown? After watching that game I find it hard to believe that you all could not use him on the field. Now, I will be honest and say I do not know enough about your preseason and there may be something that happened. Cox needs all the help he can get back there.

JJ said...

I covered the Marlon Brown topic below.....not sure why he didn't see nary blade of grass on T Boone's field. Even more troubling is that Joe Cox also didn't know why he didn't see the field and deferred the question to Mike Bobo. Seems like everybody was confused about the direction of the offensive gameplan during the game Saturday.

VOLSFAN72 said...

I read the post below but wondered if anyone had any insight as to why he did not even step on the just did not seem to make much sense to me.
Best of luck to you all this week with the Ole Ball Coach...I am sure he has something up his sleeve.

JJ said...

Its pretty simple. The UGA coaches forgot he was there. I know that us hard to believe, but essentially it it true.

RB Dawg said...

VOLSFAN, Great question - I know that he is just a FR and probably does not know the playbook, BUT you would think we would at least put Brown in to stretch the field and try to open up some space for other players. I don't get it.

JJ said...

Guys - I'm not kidding. The coaches forgot to put Brown and Wooten in the game. It sounds so ridiculous that you might think I'm just joking, but I'm not. They just forgot.