Tuesday, September 1, 2009


All of the quotes below are going to sound familiar to anybody that has read any preview of UGA-OK State in the last few months...

"The Bulldogs...are wary of the Cowboys' powerful offense, which returns its top players from a unit that finished seventh in the nation in scoring (last year)"

"As many as 20 freshmen and redshirt freshmen are expected to play for Georgia on Saturday night. Richt says he's curious to see how the newcomers respond and predicts the young players will be better by the end of the month. "I will say this: We ought to improve quite a bit as time goes on," Richt said. "Three or four games into the season I would think we would be a whole lot better." There could be growing pains for the young Bulldogs in September with an early schedule that also includes a visit from South Carolina next week."

Those were all quotes from an ESPN preview of the UGA -OK State game in 2007. This game is beginning to smell very similar. By the way, as we all know we beat their asses in 2007 by the score of 35-14. Check out these great highlight videos of the 1st half and 2nd half.

Other interesting things going on in Stillwater right now...

Oklahoma State is getting lots of media hype this off-season, along with the highest preseason ranking in the history of their program. 2 of their starting players have been arrested in the past 2 days and they lost their returning starting MLB for the season in practice today. Damn - preseason hype, players in trouble with the law, and season long injuries - are we talking about UGA 2008 or OK St 2009???

I say the Dawgs defense that has lots to prove this year comes out with a chip on its shoulder and forces a 3-and-out to start the game. Cowboys crap their pants and we win going away, just like in '07. Final score... Dawgs - 34, Cowboys - 17


JJ said...

Sounds good....hope it turns out that way.

LeakBrewerGator said...

That's a pretty bold prediction. I guess if a team can hold the Cowboys to 17 it would be the Dawgs.

Good luck, you're gonna need it.