Friday, September 4, 2009

Back by No Demand!

Back by no overwhelming persuasion or popularity, I'm bringing in a differrent Mojo this year. I got it handed to me last year, no doubt, but I think it's important to recognize that it's the journey, not the destination that's important. I had some good times and met a lot of nice folks along the way. One problem last season though was all the math involved... Trying to keep track of plus/minus equations was really too much for the Shlitz to handle. This year I'm calling one game a week for $1,000 and you can take that to the bank! I know they're'll be naysayers out there, but that don't faze the Shlitz and it shouldn't faze any of you looking for the Benjamin's.

On With the Show: As you may have noticed I'm sporting my new doo this week and my woman made me this red and black SuperShlitz leotard to get this season off in style. I'm fired up to announce this weeks pick and you best recognize em as the Dawg! The Dawg has been hearin all this gum flappin about how young and inexperienced they is. Are they ready? Tell you what to do Saturday around 3:00 ET. Take a pull of Copenhagen, let your gums take a little vacation from all your yappin, watch this Dawg take a bite out of the Cowboys and then count your Benjamin's. That simple.
Dawg 31 Cowboy 17


BayouDawg said...

Clearly the schlitz is drunk in the back of the golden nugget. I got the dawgs by 4...even though cox is sick.

JJ said...

Tough start to the year, Schlitzy.