Monday, August 10, 2009

$$$ Vegas $$$

According to Danny Sheridan's website, the Dawgs open as a 6 point underdog vs. Oklahoma State. I retired from my gambling ways long ago, and I have always thought betting on UGA games was a bad idea. But, I like us straight up in the opener. And I would guess that this line will move down between now and September 5th. If you want to maximize your points, lock in that 6 points now... The over/under is 62.5...


JJ said...

At the risk of sounding pessimistic about this game, I wouldn't touch this thing with a 10 foot pole. I have absolutely no read on what is going to happen. If it was in Athens I'd say Dawgs by at least 2 touchdowns, but given the fact that this one is a season opener on the road, I just don't know.

The O/U sounds about right.

ej said...

Betting lines?

The return of the Shlitz is near!