Friday, August 28, 2009

AJ Green's hype video...

It's nice to see a player live up to and exceed all the hype. Since JJ's countdown is on Green today I figured a reminder of where all 8's hype came from was in order. This catch just never gets old.



RB Dawg said...

Ridiculous! Forgot about that video.

JJ said...

For the record, I did that about 5 times during my UGA intramural career. The fact that I was not any of the following:
1) 6'4
2) Running a 4.4 forty
3) Wearing full pads at the time
....should be inconsequential to this discussion.

For at least 3 of those 5 catches, I can say that I was likely drunk. So that should count for something.

Amanda said...

I saw that game and the catch he made another ONE HANDED SPECIAL in the first half. Checkout Amanda