Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Countdown to UGA-OSU: 87 Days (#87 Vernon Spellman)

#87 Vernon Spellman, FLK
6-1, 187, Marietta GA (Sprayberry HS), Sr.

Spellman is a proud walk-on who has managed to stick in there through 4 full seasons with the Dawgs. After a nice career at Sprayberry where he managed to set some Cobb County records as a quarterback in passing yards and touchdowns in a game, (and posting a very accomplished track career), he came to UGA and filled many scout team roles, mostly on special teams. As a redshirt freshman he worked more with the offense on special teams, until the last 2 seasons where he actually started to see some game time (playing 10 games in the last 2 years combined.)

Depth Chart Analysis: Unfortunately for Spellman, wide receiver is not a position where the Dawgs are short on depth. As a result, we're probably going to merely see more of the same from him. However, guys like Spellman are invaluable to game preparation. He's got plenty of talent and speed to make the defensive backs work hard in practice, and he obviously loves wearing the UGA uniform or he would have quit along time ago. Let's hope he gets in a game situation where we can see him make a catch or two.

Other famous #87s in UGA history: DE Billy Payne, TE Troy Sadowski, DT Jimmy Payne, DE Dicky Clark, E Pat Hodgson, TE Larry Brown

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