Sunday, May 17, 2009

UGA Tennis

Here are the details from the loss today against Texas. The mens team still gave the dawgnation something to be proud of. We take for granted each year when the dawgs don't win the national championship. But this team is coming off back to back national championships and will finish around 5-7 in this years final rankings. The mens tennis team is one of the backbones of the UGA athletic department and once again has given us something to be proud of. I watched a majority of the match online and they all fought like true champions. So even in defeat, kudos to Manuel Diaz and his guys. It was a very good season and probably one of Manuel's better coaching jobs with this years team. They had to truly develop as a team and as players as the season went on. But just because we didn't win it all this year, don't think we won't be right back in the mix next year when we are going for our 3rd national championship in 4 years.

#12 Texas 4, #4 Georgia 2
RECORDS: Texas 23-6; Georgia 25-4;

1. (#19) Dimitar Kutrovsky, TEX def. (#12) Nate Schnugg, UGA, 6-4, 7-6 (2)
2. (#62) Javier Garrapiz, UGA def. (#69) Ed Corrie, TEX, 6-4, 6-3
3. (#75) Jamie Hunt, UGA vs. (#80) Kellen Damico, TEX, 6-4, 5-7, 2-3, DNF
4. Olivier Sajous, TEX def. Josh Varela, UGA , 7-6 (6), 7-6 (4)
5. Josh Zavala, TEX def. Christian Vitulli, UGA, 6-4, 6-1
6. Miguel Reyes Varela, TEX def. Borja Malo, UGA, 6-2, 6-1             
1. (#5) Hunt/Schnugg, UGA def. (#27) Corrie/Damico, TEX, 8-5
2. Malo/Vitulli, UGA def. (#60) Kutrovsky/Zavala, TEX, 9-8 (9)
3. Bernstein/Garrapiz, UGA vs. Reyes Varela/Sajous, TEX, 7-8, DNF

Doubles: 1, 2
Singles: 6, 5, 1, 2, 4

Georgia Head Manuel Diaz Coach: "Texas played a great match today. We had a lot of momentum after the doubles point yesterday, but with the rain delay today was a separate match. We just got outplayed today.

(On the weather delay) "It took away our momentum, but that what happens in sports. It's just the way it is. We maybe could have dealt with it a bit different. Our guys showed up and did everything I asked them to do. They were prepared, alert, awake, and enthusiastic. It was windier out there today. I think that played a small part. I think Texas handled that challenge a little bit better than we did."

Georgia junior Jamie Hunt: "They played great. I'm proud of my teammates. They fought as hard as they could and left it all out on the court. That's all we can ask for. We gave it our all and that's all you can ask for. I think we came out fired up and ready to play. We were just as excited and pumped up to play as we were yesterday. They played well in a couple of spots and got some momentum. We tried to shift it back, but they came through in the end."
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RB said...
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RB said...

I Agree - Next year's NCAA Championships should be fun up in Athens as we return 5 of our top 6 and Coach Diaz has yet another strong recruiting class coming in. Senior Josh Varela's leadership and fiery emotion will be missed though.

Otto said...

Who are some youngsters we should keep our eye out for?

Good stuff by the way.....impressive run for the Dawgs, can't wait to see how this team does next year.

DRM said...

Bo seal is our top recruit out of Chattanooga. Was born and bred to be a tenn volunteer, but the Georgia tradition was just too much to pass up. I have known him since the 12 and unders and the boy can flat out ball!

DRM said...

we also have another recruit out of chattanooga named Will Reynolds. He doesnt have the credentials of BO Seal but he is a very good talent and will be an amazing leader for the Dawgs. He is a great kid that has grown up loving georgia tennis and was coached by former great dawg Phillip Johnson. Phillip was on two of the National Championship teams from 85-88. So, Will Reynolds knows exactly what it means to be a Dawg, and he absolutely cant wait to get there. I still communicate to Will on a regular basis and i will keep you posted on these 2 recruits throughout the summer.