Thursday, May 21, 2009

One week to go.....

The "official" countdown to the 2009 UGA football season begins next Friday with #99 on the roster (#1 in your hearts), PK Jamie Lindley.

Until then, a few questions:

1) What would the loyal readership like to see from the countdown this year?

2) We still have the top 7 UGA football players of the last 25 years to countdown between now and next Friday. Based on what has been done so far, who would be in your Top 7? I'm sure that where we are right now, most people have a similar final 7. I also would like to hear your major disagreements to this point.
Here's a recap of #s 8-25:
8. Knowshon Moreno
9. Terrence Edwards
10. Ben Smith
11. Thomas Davis
12. Matt Stinchcomb
13. Andre Hastings
14. Robert Edwards
15. DJ Shockley
16. Tim Worley
17. Kevin Butler
18. Jeff Sanchez
19. Richard Seymour
20. Lars Tate
21. John Little
22. Randall Godfrey
23. Mitch Davis
24. Billy Bennett
25. Randy McMichael


Bop said...

My top 7 would look something like this:

1. Pollack
2. Champ
3. Hearst
4. Seymour
5. Moreno
6. Thomas Davis
7. Shockley (his one shot at starting, he was the best player in the SEC. Had he gotten Greene's snaps, I'm convinced he would have won a Heisman)

I can't really argue about your list so far, except I think Seymour should definitely be a lot higher. What about Stroud (he just might be in your top 7)? Sean Jones is probably just out of the top 25. I really really like Ben Smith getting respect.

Obviously, I'm a huge believer in DJ as the best qb we've ever had, even though he only got a season to start. Greene is probably top 5 in everyone elses list (and deservedly so).

I'm a little surprised that Stafford isn't in your top 25 somewhere. Obviously, he's nowhere near the top 7, but I do think he should be somewhere around Billy Bennett.

Call me crazy, but Boling is flirting with this top 25 list already. In a couple years, he and Ben Jones might be around the top 20.

This has been a very enjoyable read.

For the countdown, what about for each #, listing the best former player to wear the number.

DRM said...

Assuming u just forgot the apprentice star #34.

JJ said...

Herschel did not play at UGA in the last 25 yrs. That is what makes this list great. He would be everybody's all time number one. This criteria makes it a little more up in the air.

JJ said...

Bop, you are probably going to blow your lid when you see my final 7. I think you are leaving out a couple of obvious ones. Just be prepared.

Bop said...

Yeah, I'm sure I'm leaving some people out. EZ will probably be in a lot of people's top 7. I could see you slide Boss or even an extremely underrated player like Tim Jennings in the top 7 to mix it up. Or a Shannon Mitchell type. Richard Tardits deserves love too the more thought I put into this.

Bop said...

What about Bernard Williams??? I mean he built the Ramsey Center! Lol..."I built this place!"

Otto said...

I'm interested to see who your top 7 is.

I would have Champ and Pollack 1 & 2. Hearst, Boss, S. Jones, Stroud?, big Max, EZ, all I guess are in the running.

what about the impact M. Johnson and V. Haynes had to the program? Thier career stats don't add up but they 'Knocked the lid off' the program.

j.leonardjr said...

In no particular order...
Rodney Hampton
G. Hearst
Hines Ward anyone?

Bop said...

Holy crap Hines Ward. I can't see the forest for the trees sometimes. Hampton is a great call too j.leonardjr.

JJ said...

A lot of good choices in there today. Stay tuned!

RB said...

Of the players that are left, you have to put Pollack and Champ at 1 and 2. As for the rest, I would assume we will see Hines, Greene, Hearst, and Hampton. Maybe Sean Jones for the 7th? Or one of the big OL - Jean-Giles or B Williams? Maybe Stroud? I assume we are using their UGA career as the measuring stick, not the years in the NFL. Otherwise, Terrell Davis is at the top of the list...

As for the players already posted, I would put Knowshon higher than he is and I am surprised Stafford is not somewhere in the top 25.

j.leonardjr said...

Bop...I almost forgot Hines too.

Hampton was a beast. He is one of my all time favorite Dogs.

I am also surprised Stafford isn't in the Top 25. I don't think people truly understand some of the throws he made. He was sick from a physical standpoint. Just not sure he has the mental make up or drive to truly be an all timer. I am not saying he isn't smart. Just that he still tends to get "lazy" and rely too much on his arm in some situations and throw the "stupid" interception or go deep for it all when he had another good play underneath that may not have scored.

JJ said...

JLeonard.....countdown isn't over yet....still time for Stafford to make the list...

Actually, I'll go ahead and spill it. Stafford didn't make my list. Granted, I still think he's probably the 2nd most talented player ever to play Between the Hedges. Since I can't remember Herschel real well in person, I can honestly say that I've never enjoyed watching another UGA player more (in person.) Watching him throw a football has to be like watching Da Vinci paint, or watching Mozart play piano, or Tiger Woods hitting a golf ball (pre-knee.)

But, if I put him anywhere on this list, I would have probably lost 2-3 close friends in the process. There is a small subset of the UGA fanbase that just can't stand the kid and wish he would have never stepped foot in Athens. Which I'll never understand.

Anonymous said...

I've seen some of the nominees, and they are all worthy, but any list has to include Hines Ward. Another dawg that I think has been forgotten in all of this is Greg Blue? How many players in R&B history have had their own cheer?

Bop said...

No doubt that Hines is in my top 3. Pollack Champ and Hines are pretty much interchangeable. Pollack has the team hardware that would push him to the top in my list just above Champ and Hines.