Monday, May 11, 2009

Countdown to the Countdown: #18 (Jeff Sanchez)

Friday, May 29th marks 99 days until Georgia and Oklahoma State kick off their 2009 seasons in Stillwater. Leading up that date, we are counting down the Top 25 UGA football players of the past 25 seasons.

18. Jeff Sanchez, S (1982-1984)
  • All-American: 1984 (Kodak, UPI, Football Writers of America, Walter Camp)
  • All-SEC: 1982 (AP 1st team, UPI 1st team); 1984 (AP 1st team, UPI 1st team, Coaches 1st team)
  • 4th all-time in UGA history in single-season interceptions: 1982 (9)
  • 4th all-time in UGA history in career interceptions (13) - in only 2 seasons

Sanchez makes this list thanks to an injury that kept him out for the entire 1983 season, but allowed him to take a medical redshirt and come back for his senior season in 1984. He began his career at UGA out of junior college in California, and was immediately 2nd on the UGA team in interceptions with 9 in 1982, which incidentally put him behind only teammate Terry Hoage that year. He led the Dawgs in interceptions and was 3rd in tackles as a senior in 1984. Larry Munson's call of his pass breakup against Auburn in 1982 which clinched the SEC title ("Look at the Sugar falling out of the sky") might have been Sanchez' lasting memory with most Dawg fans.


Bop said...

My late grandfather, the late great bulldawg, Dorsey Hester used to never remember Jeff Sanchez' name when he would talk about former great players and teams.

He would always yell at me across the room "Hey Bop, what was the name of that Mexican that used to play safety in the early 80's?"

JJ said...

On a related note to Bop's story, I feel compelled to clarify that to my knowledge Jeff is of no relation to the "greatest QB ever to play football at any level", and perhaps the "greatest Mexican athlete ever to live"....Mark Sanchez of the NY Jets.

Otto said...

Ohhh I always loved Dirty Sanchez'.
Glad to see he made the list!!

Anonymous said...

I just found out that Jeff is my biological cousin. We live in Atlanta but he lives in California somewhere...

Anonymous said...

He's my uncle. Never met him. I'm only 14. He moved to California before I was born, and I'm going to meet him when I can.

Anonymous said...

What a pleasure it is to actually be buds!
Your awesome Jeff, your work bud,
Bryan K