Friday, April 17, 2009


What are y'all's thoughts on the recruiting strategies of our staff?  I just read an article on the AJC about UGA losing out on a "lifelong UGA fan" WR from Gainesville because we offered too late.  I have nothing against this kid from Gainesville and wish him the best of luck at Stanford.   I hope he gets a great education and has a great football career (of course, it's easy to say that when he is going to play ball across the country in Palo Alto as opposed to being in Gainesville, FL).

I am 100% in support of our staff on this one (full disclosure - I have a LOT of faith in Mark Richt as our head coach).  I would hate to be the school that pulls an offer off of the table because a kid took a visit to another school (are you listening, Tech-geeks) or be the school that signs 47 kids knowing that over half won't qualify (ahemmm, Ole Miss).  I love the idea that a recruit and his family know that Mark Richt and his word are "strong as oak" (unlike Cushman's dad in Jerry Maguire).  

What do y'all think?  Is UGA missing out on too many top recruits as we take a little longer to evaluate the talent and offer the scholarship?


Bop said...

"I love the idea that a recruit and his family know that Mark Richt and his word are strong as oak"...couldn't agree more. I love our recruiting philosophies under Richt and Garner.

And in a few years, I won't be surprised if looking back, this years class is considered the best in the cmr era.

JJ said...

I think UGA's recruiting philosophy is better for the long haul than anybody else in the South. Urban Meyer is going to end up alienating more HS coaches than he makes friends with. Saban will own Alabama but won't be able to go into other states with any consistent rate of success. Ditto for Miles at LSU, although he will pick off one or two from GA a year. Kiffin will be a smoldering pile of rubble by next December.

Hobnail_Boot said...

I think there's a few things in play here:

1) This is going to be a small class, gotta be selective.
2) The staff probably feels that they have a shot at some even bigger targets.
3) Sure there are numerous exceptions, but for the most part it is apparent that this staff is going to get most of its offensive skill guys from OOS. Let's face it, HS ball in Georgia isn't known for prolific passing offenses. In fact, only 6 out of 17 guys on the UGA roster who play QB, WR, or TE are in-state guys.
4) Jones is either overstating his love of UGA or is being a baby.