Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random thoughts

MARK FOX - I don't give a damn if the guy has any roots in the South.  If he can convince NBA talent to go to friggin' Reno, he will be able to pull a few kids every year out of the state of Georgia to play in Athens.  All we need is 1 or 2 of the studs from metro Atlanta every year. From what I have read lately, it sounds like it is a more fertile recruiting state in basketball than it is in football. Go back and re-read that last line and tell me that the UGA basketball job is not a good job.   And, I don't care how old the Coliseum is - that place will be rocking if we can get a coach to build up the program and stick around.  Y'all remember what that place was like when Tubby was here?  Look for the hoops team to be very competitive in the SEC East within 2-3 years... 

G-DAY - I don't think you can ever take too much from a glorified scrimmage, especially this year with all the injuries we still have.  But a few quick thoughts...

We are going to be just fine at QB for the next few years.  Logan Gray looked very good  and will be smooth when he comes in to give Joe Cox a break this year or when Richt/Bobo want to throw a curve-ball to the defense.  And, it is very early on for the 2 freshman QBs .... But, as of right now after spring practice, it looks like there might be one hell of a battle for the starting gig in 2010 between Logan Gray and Aaron Murray.  

The WRs looked a little shaky.  Way too many drops -we are going to need someone to step up opposite AJ.  Who's it going to be?  Micheal Moore?? Israel Troupe?? Tavarres King?? Tony Wilson?? Rontavious Wooten?? Marlon Brown?? Or will it be the hybrid TE Orson Charles?? There is too much talent on the list above for someone not to step up and take advantage of the 1-on-1 coverage they are sure to get with all the attention opposing defenses will be giving to #8.

It looks like the RB battle is going to go on all year.  Caleb King doesn't look like he has done anything to separate himself from the pack and claim the #1 spot. I am not giving up on him at all - the talent is there and he has looked very explosive and elusive at times.  But, it appears to me that we are headed for a full fledged RB by committee this season.  Unless, of course,  Richard Samuel can come in and blow the rest of the field away in summer workouts when he is healthy again.

Defensively, I really like what we have in Justin Houston.  He looks like he could be a beast with all the attention opposing offensive lines will have to give to Jeff Owens, Geno Atkins and Kade Weston in the middle.  We all saw the raw potential in the kid last year.  Let's hope that a year later we will see him blossom into the next great D-End at UGA.  Because if we don't get someone to step up at that position, it is going to be another long year for Willie and his D.  

TENNIS - The 2 time defending national champion men's tennis team is having a great year. The Dawgs (20-2, 9-1 SEC) have a huge match with the Vols this weekend to close out the regular season.  As of now, the Dawgs are ranked #4 and UT is ranked #6.  This team was expected to struggle a little bit this year (relatively speaking) after losing so many top players from the last 2 years, but someone forgot to let the players know that.  This is a team that is digging and grinding and fighting their way to victories.  If anyone is in Athens this weekend, go make some noise at the country's best tennis facility and help the team on its way to a 3rd straight national title.  The match is on Saturday afternoon at 5:00 at Henry Field Stadium.


Bop said...

Welcome! Look forward to reading these thoughts on a regular basis.

Great stuff, except I think 4 is a bust.

In your opinion is this the most important doubles point team in the manny era? Seems to me we have to win it in the ncaa's to get the 3peat.

RB Dawg said...

Yeah - the doubles point is huge for this year's team. When facing the other top teams in the country, I would say that I feel pretty confident about winning 2 out of 3 from the top 3 singles spots and we should usually win at least 1 of the bottom 3 singles spots. That's 3 points right there. So, getting the doubles point would be huge for this year's team. Having Nate, Jamie and Javier in the top 3 has been huge.

JJ said...

RB....I'm going to bite my tongue on the QB situation until we get closer to the season. I'll just say that I'm not certain we know who is going to be the #1 guy all year (see 2006.)

I think we'll be fine at WR once we get into fall, and the drops will go way down. Not really worried too much about that.

Running back - just give it to Carlton Thomas 25 times against OK State and let's see what happens.

Don't get me started on defense.

At this point 8 wins is looking good next year.

Bop said...

I would love to see carlton get 30 touches against okst.

Otto mentioned a comparison to Sproles. He definitely shows signs.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with JJ on all issues. Unless RS comes back this fall and seperates himself I think CT should get 50% of the snaps. Lets see what he can do. King has not made ONE play that has impressed me yet...not giving up on him but....

WRS will be fine imo.

I'm not sure Cox is as solid a #1 as most pp think. I LOVE his attitude/leadership but LG and AM really looked good. AM's release is something, even after seeing Staffords for 3 yrs. I can't help bu remember JC's only start. I would'nt go a far and say he is Joe T but DJ he ain't!!
I'm still worried about the Oline..all the injuies and our schedule does not afford us the time to gel. They will be fine by wk 5 but we need them wk1.
Houston might be the key to our season...... I really like Boykins as well.....he will be the top cover corner on the team by mid yr.

Nice post RB......the ppl out here in NV tell me we got a good bball coach....they say the other teams/fans in the SEC will hate him!!

By the way this is computer problems can't sign in

DRM said...