Friday, April 24, 2009

Better Pro Career?

Stafford or Knowshon? Obviously, Stafford is going to be the higher pick. But who is going to have more success in the League? My $$$ is on Knowshon.

While Stafford has the cannon arm that the NFL executives are drooling over, I think Knowshon has fewer question marks. The only knock on him is his 40 time. I might be in the minority, but I could care less how fast a football player can run on a track with tights on. Throw some pads on and put defenders in front of him. If he can outrun/juke/run your-ass-over and score, then I like him. That is what Knowshon does.

If Emmit Smith or Jerry Rice showed up at the combine in any given year, they would not be the top 2 picks in the draft based on the "measurables". But when they strap it on, they bring it. So, screw the 40 time, Knowshon will have a great NFL career. Especially if he ends up going to an organization like the Eagles, which is one of the rumors flying around.

Either way, I wish them all the luck - the more success they have, the better UGA looks. Saturday should be exciting for all Dawg fans. It is not every year that you see a Dawg as the likely #1 overall pick.


Bop said...

Assuming no injuries occur, it will be 24. By a mile I'm afraid.

JJ said...

I wouldn't put my $$$ on either one of them. Moreno is dropping like giant rock. The teams that are looking at him all want him as a 2nd back. He'll be a steal for somebody if he drops into the 2nd round, which is what many people have said will happen.

Stafford's career is over before it started in Detroit. He won't even have a chance. His biggest accomplishment will probably end up being breaking a bunch of plates while wearing a suit (which was impressive.)

Bop said...

Yeah, I'm afraid that the Detroit situation is as bad as possible.

Listening to 960am this morning on the way into town, they had a clip of Stafford on that TMZ show. It was pretty funny.

I could easily see Moreno winning offensive rookie of the year.

JJ said...

I caught a you tube clip last week of Stafford on the Dennis Miller radio show of all places. It was pretty funny.

Amanda said...

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