Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baseball Video: Arizona Roadtrip

Behind the scenes video from the Dawg's trip out west to Arizona in Baseball:

ht: UGABirdDawg

Freshman Johnathan Taylor is worth ever penny you pay to get into Foley and see him. The most electrifying player in Georgia history since Billy Henderson or Nolen Richardson (yeah we're going back a while). I remember hearing Perno on 960 am a few weeks ago saying he'll walk Taylor over to Butts-Mehre and challenge any football player in a race.

Georgia averaged 16 hits and 11 runs per game in the 3 game road sweep. Here is what Arizona coach Andy Lopez had to say about Perno's team.

Here's a good write-up on the Sweep of Arizona from Bubba 'N Earl. Not to mention, my favorite picture of Uga VII at the top of their blog.

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