Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Anthony Grant....

...on campus at Alabama. Everything I'm hearing says this is going to probably happen. If we are waiting on someone (please be Mike Anderson and not Jeff Capel) to finish playing in the tourney, we sure as hell better get him. If we lose Grant because we waited on someone to turn us down, I'll be sick.

VCU coach Anthony Grant walks into Coleman Coliseum



Mike said...

Agreed. Getting a lil' nervous about this. But I'm always nervous, so who knows...

Good to see you today Bop. Hope you enjoyed that burrito buddy. God my life sucks.

Btw, I saw Duvy in an Athens magazine today. You guys seen that yet? Seriously, dude looks good!

Ally said...

Anthony has absolutely no incentive to hurry & make a move. Everybody is interested in him, including VCU-they'll try all they can to keep him. There are still big jobs that are going to open up, most notably UK (probably). I highly doubt he moves quickly to grab a job in tuscaloser when some other big ones are likely to come calling.

Bama needs him way more than he needs them. No ned to panic just yet.

Bop said...

Ha! You are living the life my friend. Good to know someone who played SXSW in Austin. Nice to have friends in high places.

And I've got a really bad feeling about this hire. I'm afraid we are going to screw it up. Of course, I'm really pessimistic when it comes to things like this.

I'll be beside myself if we somehow get Mike Anderson to leave Mizzou. I guess I should pull for Memphis tonight.