Sunday, February 1, 2009

The General to Athens?

Alot happened on Saturday evening while the Felton-less Dawgs were losing a hard fought game on the Capstone. Furman Bisher (of all people) broke a story for the AJC last night indicating serious interest in the Georgia job specifically from one Robert Montgomery Knight.

Add this on top of Tim Tucker's article quoting Michael Adams' desire for a "proven entity", and I believe you have the formula to calculate very good odds (as of today) that Bob Knight will be the next head basketball coach at UGA.

Let's just put it this way....if you think Adams won't play a large part, if not being responsible for the final say, in the selection process, you've been living under a rock or just not paying attention.

Let me first go on the record by saying my first instinct is that this is not the best outcome. Knight isn't going to be anywhere very long, 5 years is about as optimistic as you could be. There also is the small matter of there being zero guarantee that he'd produce the results we're looking for during that short period of time. As Paul points out this morning at Georgia Sports Blog, Knight's record was only slightly better than Felton over the past 3 seasons that they both coached.

Trey Thompkins was also asked about it after the game, he stated that he'd be all for the hire. Don't think that his comments don't mean anything either. It wouldn't surprise me at all if an early announcement (perhaps even before the season ends) made Trey's buddy Derrick Favors reconsider things. This shouldn't be anywhere near the deciding factor, but I think it should be noted that UGA does have the kind of roster (perhaps with the addition of an impact JUCO shooting guard) that somebody could be successful with next season. For the next guy to add Favors would only increase that possibility. The sooner that announcement is made, the more likelihood that it could happen. By no means am I saying that Favors coming to UGA is likely in any scenario, but just something to think about.

Should be interesting to watch this play out in the coming weeks and months.


Bop said...

I hope this doesn't happen. At least he'll have the red sweaters already in the closet ready to go. Who gets the local sponsorship on them? I'd like to see Dave Gordon Auto Parts off of Hawthorne Avenue.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what I think of this yet but I believe you are correct to assume that the General is coming to Athens based on Adams' desire for a big name coach. Just listening to his press conferences let alone watching him coach the team will be entertaining.

Otto said...

I'll take him in a heartbeat. He would put the national spotlight on the sleepng giant of a program in Athens. Ppl who think the game has passed him bye are crazy.....the man knows bball like very few. Can u imagine what his flex/motion O would be like. I'm so used to CDF's "what the hell are they doing" O that I'm not sure I would recognize the team.

Maybe he would rub off alittle on CMR..... or his good buddy Parcells would. I say bring him on!!!

JJ said...

One thing is certain Bop, the highest bidder will get the prime advertising space across the General's left breastplate. My money is on Gresham Disco.

A Free Man said...

Whether or not he could turn the team around in five years, Knight would certainly drum up some interest in the program. I'm a fan and I can't remember the last time I was excited about Georgia basketball.

Unknown said...

Adams won't hire someone he can't either:

A. Control
B. Predict his reaction to Adams' actions

That leaves R. Montgomery Knight out of it. Luckily.

JJ said...

Paul, did you think Harrick was someone Adams could control? I always thought of Harrick as having a personality (or at least an ego) similar to Knight but without all the crazy antics. I think Adams would be willing to give someone proven like Knight a long leash.

Otto said...

Why do fans see this as a bad thing. Because of his age? Antics?
Only be here for 5 yrs tops?

I see a some UGA fans who like to compare his last3 yrs at TT with feltons at UGA. What about the fact that TT won something like 13 games in the 3 yrs before he arrived and 30 something his 1st first 3 there. He knows he can get much better talent at UGA than at TT and the SEC is no Big 12 in regards of quality teams. He would not put up with our PG(and the team) shooting 50% from the FT line and turning the ball over 6(about 17-20 for the team) times a game...UGA would actually look and play like a TEAM. He graduates his players and runs a tight ship.

Whats the deal guys???? What say you Bop? Paul?

I think his sweater would have Shamwow across it btw.

Worm said...

Over the last few days I have tried to think of what is the most important thing for UGA bball right now, and I heard it from Chuck Oliver on 680 the Fan. "They need to be relevant." Knight will bring attention to the team (espn etc...), he will raise more money for the bball program than we ever though possible. We will play a real good brand of basketball and graduate players.

JJ said...

Worm, you lost me at Chuck Oliver. The only thing I'd take his advice on which Sonic Drive-In in the southeast makes the best chili pups.

That said, I understand where you and he are coming from on this one. Hiring Knight would definitely bring alot of national attention to Athens.

Mike said...

Well, at the very least I assume Knight would steal some local talent away from the nerds (and others). Even if he is only here for 5 it can't hurt recruiting.

Gresham's Disco is a good call due to the fact that they "Play all the latest"
(25 and older)