Friday, December 5, 2008

"No Balls" State

This bothers me a little. Ball State University has apparently decided they'd rather play an easier to complete their undefeated season, rather than travel to Boise ID for the Humanitarian Bowl against fellow undefeated Boise State. This is chicken-crap in its purest form. In my opinion, the Cardinals stand to gain more by getting blown out on the Smurf Turf, than breezing through a game against a leftover ACC team (most likely NC State.) Meanwhile, Boise gets left with the ACC's worst qualifying team, probably Wake Forest or Maryland. Yippee. Instead of the most intriguing potential matchup not played on New Year's Day, we get 2 matchups that just about nobody gives a rip about.

I've been ranking Ball State high in my C&C Power Poll (scroll down and look right) since about week 3 of the season. I'll be dropping them out of my rankings this week, as well as after the bowls. Hopefully the voters in the real polls will do the same.

David Letterman should be ashamed, and not because he just isn't that funny anymore.


M said...

I'm not quite convinced that Ball St. will breeze through that N.C. State game. I'll take the pack.

I like the "scared" tag. Appropriate. Has anybody seen Letterman lobbying for Ball St. in the national championship? Is he kidding or positively senile? As a C&C poll voter, I echo your sentiments. They're toast.

Good post on the Tuberville situation too.

M said...


Never mind it looks like the Buffalo Bulls made the decision for Ball St...

JJ said...

Serves em right.