Saturday, December 27, 2008

Good news: Searles staying in Athens

Richt confirmed through various media outlets this week that Searles would be staying at UGA and not taking a lateral position at Auburn. By my count, this is about the first piece of really good "news" involving UGA athletics since over a month ago.

Garner telling Jeff Owens he was staying at UGA was a good rumor to hear, but I don't get the feeling that we've heard the final word on this yet, since nothing has been printed with quotes around it from Garner himself. I think Garner will stay, but you never say never about anything, especially when you're dealing with alma maters.

Kicking off the 2009 season without Searles, Garner, Stafford and Moreno, and with no real changes in a few spots that many think could use some change, would have created perhaps the most pessimistic outlook toward a season that I can remember. At least now the strength of next year's team (the offensive line) remains intact from a personnel and coaching standpoint.


A Free Man said...

Thank god for that! Any hope of Willie Martinez leaving?

JJ said...

Well AFM, Richt alluded to the idea that everybody on the staff is getting a raise (along with Searles), so my guess is Martinez is coaching at UGA next year. He can't rightly be demoted if he is getting a raise, lest he'd be the highest paid secondary coach in the history of college football. Looks like we have Willie running the ship again next year. Let's hope things get better fast, because we haven't seen many offenses like what we'll see next summer in Stillwater.