Friday, November 7, 2008

Weekend Predictions

I'll start by saying that there are serious concerns around these parts regarding the whereabouts of C&C contributor Schlitz Bolshivik. No telling what last week's losses did to seal his ultimate fate. Let's just hope for his sake that he is still in possession of all his appendages.

In his absence (temporary or not), here are JJ's picks on this week's games involving Top 10, SEC, and other teams of interest:

Baylor at Texas (-27.5): I am a little shocked that this spread is where it is, given the 'Horns coming off of a tough road loss and returning to Austin. Baylor has been competitive this year, but not this week.
Texas 45, Baylor 10

Georgia Tech at North Carolina (-4): Turn off your radios and cancel your AJC subscription (assuming you are one of the 10 people that still gets it) if Tech ends up winning this one. They have a shot, and if they manage to do it, then the talk will be that UGA mind as well not even show up in Athens at the end of November. Tech is a little banged up this week, so I don't see them getting it done against Butch Davis.
North Carolina 27, Georgia Tech 17

Georgia (-12) at Kentucky: This line has moved upward considerably this week, which means that CBS's signal mercifully didn't make it to the outer reaches of the country last Saturday afternoon. I think the Dawgs will win, but will look awful in doing so. This should be another inspiring performance in preparation to close out the season in style. (Come on fellas, prove me wrong.)
Georgia 28, Kentucky 20

Wyoming at Tennessee (-26.5): How awful must Wyoming be? I honestly don't know. But the bigger question is, how many people will be in attendance at this game? 75K?
Tennessee 35, Wyoming 7

Arkansas at South Carolina (-13): For once in the Spurrier era, the Cocks seem to be getting better late in the season. They should roll in Columbia this weekend. This might be easy money (yes, I know Arkansas has been better lately.)
South Carolina 35, Arkansas 10

Utah State at Boise State (-35): Boise State will be looking to impress given Utah's big win over TCU last night, but Utah State really showed me something in last week's win over Hawaii. OK, not really, but I'll pick them to cover this week.
Boise State 37, Utah State 10

Tennessee-Martin at Auburn (NL): How bad does it suck to be an Auburn fan right now. Team stinks, and you have to go watch your team look bad against a school named after Tee Martin.
Auburn 24, Tennessee-Martin 0

Oklahoma (-27.5) at Texas A&M: Oklahoma is just about unstoppable on offense right now. This weekend shouldn't be any different as they gear up for a visit soon from Texas Tech. Look for A&M to put up some points on a lousy Sooner defense.
Oklahoma 45, Texas A&M 23

Penn State (-7.5) at Iowa: If Penn State was any good this game would be more than a touchdown spread. I really want to say that there are some folks that know what they are talking about who are setting these lines. Ah, what the hell......
Iowa 31, Penn State 24 (OT)

Clemson at Florida State (-4): What would really be funny is if Tommy Bowden showed up on the sidelines on Diddy's behalf. Although that might violate his buyout.
Florida State 28, Clemson 21

Alabama (-3.5) at LSU: Having watched both of these teams play UGA this year, it is impossible for me to pick an upset here, even though I really am inclined to. I think the best thing I can hope for is that Nick Saban falls and does a face plant in front of everybody somewhere in full view of Tiger Stadium. Then maybe the same thing happens to Les Miles.
Alabama 28, LSU 20

Oklahoma State at Texas Tech (-3.5): I don't see any way that Tech can match the intensity of last week. Look for the Cowboys to jump up early and hold on. Don't forget that this was the game last year that sparked the classic Gundy tirade.
Oklahoma State 37, Texas Tech 33

California at Southern California (-22): This one has all the makings of one of those typical USC wins that the pollsters over-value and move the Trojans up in the polls.
USC 37, Cal 7

Florida (-23.5) at Vanderbilt: I remember a few weeks back I actually thought this would be a good game. Hard to see that now.
Florida 38, Vandy 10

Notre Dame at Boston College (-3.5): Last week's loss to Pitt all but assured Notre Dame of no BCS bowl this season, thank goodness. They probably should beat Boston College, but I'm guessing they'll find a way to screw it up.
Boston College 24, Notre Dame 23


Anonymous said...

God, I hope we can do better than 28-20, but am not that confident.

My favorite Vandy blogger reckons the 'Dores are going to pull the upset!

Mike said...

No need for concern about the whereabouts of Schlitz-apparently he's got big government protection. Also apparently he doesn't like making and hanging on to benjamin's as much as I thought he did. Say it ain't so? Please?

Political views aside, I think JJs got some good picks with OK St. and BC. I like those. Hope you're right about Iowa as that outcome should happen to Penn St. sometime this season on a road game.

Also this should restore your faith in the belief that most Gator fans are absolute scum:

Now that's class baby! GO DAWGS

Bop said...

That article is awesome.