Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Soulja Boy on Auburn's Minds

Tommy Tuberville has graciously lifted the gag order on his players this week, allowing them to speak their minds and feelings about the choice of music during last year's 45-20 Georgia over the Tigers in Athens. A smattering of the talk from the Auburn players:

"That's been on my mind for the whole year.....They even had whoever was calling the game - those guys were up in press box doing that. That got to me. It's just another opportunity to try to get them back for what they did to us last year. I've definitely been looking forward to this game. This is the game that's been marked on my calendar since last year....I'm sure it didn't sit well with any of the players on the team. It was a hurtful feeling in my heart to be on the sideline and to see those guys dancing....We have an opportunity to get those guys back. Maybe we can talk to coach Tubs and play some music." - WR Rod Smith

"I've got something for them.....Don't let me get in the end zone. If I score on a kickoff return against Georgia, I'm with Yox (Auburn strength coach Kevin Yoxall) the rest of my life. I'm going to let it be known." - Kick returner Tristan Davis

It should be noted that both of the guys above are from the state of Georgia, so there should be no shortage of motivation for them anyway. Keep your eyes on them if they score, which is truly a strong possibility considering UGA's special teams and defense as of late. Based on Smith's comments those looking for answers to why Auburn has 5 losses, can look no further than that evidence. Obviously there are some Auburn players that have been looking ahead to this Saturday. All season. Seriously, you look for ways to motivate whereever you can. Perhaps Wingnut has been "crankin' dat" in practice this week.

Here's some of the fun and shenanigans during last year's blowout.....

The CBS footage with Danielson/Lundquist crankin' dat:

(Courtesy: RedStripeDawg)

And from "embedded journalists" inside Sanford Stadium

(Courtesy: mmorrow07)

(Courtesy: usabobsled2006)


Anonymous said...

Say what you want about the soulja boy dancing on the sidelines and the appropriateness of the song, etc...but the players and fans had a GOOD TIME with it. IT WAS FUN. The 2008 team and the fans do not appear to be having a good time at all this year. If the guys playing would loosen up, play hard and have fun doing it, we'd be a better team.

Mike said...

Yeah anon the players had fun with it. Nobody said they didn't. Personally, the Soulja Boy thing was a little over my head but I was a crusty old senior last year and it seemed to be something that the freshmen girls understood better than any other fans. Plus I'm a honky. But it helped the team out so it's fine by me.

Lighten up! I think the 2008 team is pretty loose. Be satisfied with where we stand. I don't know about ya'll, but I'm kind of tired of our own fans talking about all of the extra curricular stuff. You gotta expect our rivals to bring it up for motivational purposes (which is what JJ is highlighting in this post) but I think we are a pretty good football team with or without black jersies, excessive celebrations and sideline dances.

Let the other guy worry about that all week and let's try to play some damned defense.

Anonymous said...

Lighten up is exactly what I wish the players would do. I think if you read around you'll find that several players have been quoted as saying they aren't having fun and that it feels more like a job to them.
If pretty good is good enough well then so be it. Nobody ever said we weren't a pretty good football team. I'm not going to be satisfied with where we stand, sorry. That attitude leads to mediocrity and I've seen that movie before and I didn't like it then either. If our opponents use these extracurricular activities for motivational purposes and that's the reason we're losing then I guess I'm wrong. I don't think we're losing because of the soulja boy dances or the celebration, but that's just one man's opinion.

"but it helped the team out so it's fine by me."--Exactly

BayouDawg said...

If memory serves correctly, we played Soulja Boy at EVERY home game last year and our guys were dancing on the sidelines and on the field EVERY home game and no one else has pissed and moaned about it...hell we have done it this season with some other song, although I question the douche bag in the box who controls when we play what music because this season he has done it at the most ineffective times. Bottom line is that AU players are desperately grabbing for anything to prove that all their work and dedication does not go down as one of auburn's worst seasons in the programs history. There are only 2 oppritunities for them - uga and ua. I personally think we will destroy AU and afterwards I hope we go piss in their cornflakes.

Mike said...

Well, okay I for one am fairly satisfied. Of course everybody knows what's best for the team and I feel like I see where our weakneses are too, but I've been a Dawg fan during some tough times and I'm not going to be disappointed with 2 losses to the #1 and #4 teams in the country. Not gonna happen.

With regard to all of this off the field drama I point to CMR's well-known anecdote about the 1988 Seminoles (Richt was a volunteer assistant) and the "Seminole Rap". While Deion was teaching the Noles to rhyme, Miami was learning the 46defense. Result? 33-0 Miami in the season opener. Here's a link:


My point? PLAY FOOTBALL. It's kind of a rough sport sometimes. Sometimes it ain't fun because too much fun can be distracting (see Bama and the rehashed blackout). But in my opinion we haven't lost a game yet due to the fun factor. Good post John.

LeakBrewerGator said...

That was awesome! I've got goosebumps just from watching those vids. I can't imagine what I would be doing if it was a team I even liked.

Amanda said...

Georgia Bulldogs always putting smiles on peoples faces
unless they are gators and tigers fans. Amanda Vanderpool