Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lex Luger and Mark 'Boca' Richt

From Bulldogs Blog:

"Lex is one of the guys that is going to be there, so I got the prospects up there as close as I could to the spot where the wrestlers come out to go through the ring," Richt said.

Luger walked out in typical pro wrestling fashion and was swarmed by the crowd. Security begins to spread the crowd out so Luger can't get through, when from a few feet away, Richt starts shouting, "Larry!"

"He doesn't flinch," Richt said. "He is still in the zone, the wrestling zone."

So Richt follows up with a "Hey, Larry Pfhol!"

"I wasn't that far away, but it was kind of loud," Richt said. "He looked at me and when he recognized it was me, he gave me a thumbs up and goes Hey, Boca,' then he went back to being this tough guy."

-Read the full story from David Hale here.

Larry Pfhol aka Lex Luger aka The Total Package aka The Narcissist started out the 1979 season for the Miami Hurricanes as an offensive guard until "his
scholarship was terminated for disciplinary reasons stemming from a hotel damage incident that occurred during an away game at Georgia Tech."

Here's an old school video of Luger dominating. I like the comment at the end..."That's an attack on a man's back." I never was much of a Luger fan personally.


Mackie said...

I would like him more if he hadn't killed Miss Elizabeth.

JJ said...

Luger was a classic finesse wrestler. Could have easily been a luche libre.

I never understood how the powers that be in pro wrestling expected a fan to believe that the Torture Rack could do that much damage to someone. Not to mention how relatively easy it would be to counter it into a DDT.

LeakBrewerGator said...

The biggest disappointment in all of sports was Luger's "body slam" of Yokozuna.

Since when is simply flipping someone over a body slam? He didn't even get the guy over his head.

Tatanka would own Luger.......

Otto said...

Luger was Stings female dog....

Amanda said...

Always fun to see Lex in his prime beat the shout out of opponents.Amanda Vanderpool