Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Georgia Hoops

Now that I've gotten back from the land of tanktops, guys wearing earrings, gold chains and women dressed like trash, the news of the day has to do with Felton's basketball team.

Most of the following links have a lot of Travis Leslie in them. This kid is gonna put people in the stands. My eyes and ears at the open practice came back to me with some exciting info. I'm betting that Felton shocks a lot of people this season. He's got a lot in the stable for the first time since he's been in Athens. We will have quite a bit on C&C when dealing with the hoops team, but any basketball fans out there need to check in with Daugman. His site is by far the best dealing with Georgia hoops.

Word is that Leslie ... Daugman's Chronicles
Re-post of Travis Leslie Video ... Daugman's Chronicles
Dawgs Open Practice ... Daugman's Chronicles
Dennis Felton, “Travis is the most explosive athlete at Georgia since ‘Nique.” ... R&B
Open Practice notes ... onlineathens.com

2007 Youtube dunk from Freshman Travis Leslie:

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Amanda said...

UGA is making a push for him. Amanda Vanderpool