Friday, November 7, 2008

Georgia 93 Albany St. 56

Georgia looked good in the only preseason game of the year, a 93-56 win over Albany State. Felton has more weapons than he has had in his previous combined years in Athens. This team is going to surprise a lot of people this season.

Freshman Travis Leslie

Sophmore Jeremy Price led Georgia with 19 points. His offensive game looks to have improved quite a bit. Sophmore Troy Brewer had 15 points and can flat out fill it up. The kid is a scorer and is the one player I'm interested in seeing how much time he gets from Felton. It's hard to tell in tonights game how his defense has progressed. That will probably determine his minutes more than anything else, because he has unlimited range on offense.

Freshman Drazen Zlovaric added 15 also. He is going to be a big time weapon for Felton. He has great hands and is very versatile. This kid could end up the steal of the conference in recruiting. I thought Swansey ran the team well. His outside shot should be much improved. The freshman Ware has a ton of upside at point too. His speed brings a good mixture at that position.

Word is Albert Jackson will miss only some practice with his sprained ankle. I don't think the end of last season for him was a flash in the pan. He looks ready to pick up where he left off assuming the injury isn't serious.

I guess the thing thing that is so exciting is to finally have all the options all over the court. Felton has built this program up the right way and deserves a lot of credit. I'm happy for him.

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JJ said...

Players, players, players. If this group can avoid the injury bug and stay eligible, CDF is going to have more at his disposal than he ever has. His 2 best players (HT3 and Wood) were on the bench last night.

Looking forward to an exciting season in Stegeman.