Thursday, November 20, 2008

Double L Ranch

Week 13

Wallet Check: - $1,000
Week 12 gains/losses: +$ 200

The Schlitz stumbled into the wrong parts last weekend and has been detained for the amusement of some bearded fellows in full tattoo armor. He was able to get his picks slid out the bathroom window for me and has assured that he will be back next week to spread his knowledge.

5 Benjamin’s
Take LSU -3.5 against Ole Miss

4 Benjamin’s
Take Troy -10 over UL Lafeyette

3 Benjamin’s
Take Boise State -7 at Nevada

2 Benjamin’s
Take Oregon State +2.5 at Arizona

1 Benjamin
Take BYU +7 at Utah

The 5 Benjamin “Back on Track” Special #3
Take Texas Tech +7 over Oklahoma

Here’s a toast to getting into the green!


JJ said...

Those bikers must be slippin' Bolshivek the hippie lettuce. I can honestly say that I disagree with every one of Schlitz' picks this week. Troy is about the only one I can see happening. Here's hoping Schlitz makes it out of captivity soon to once again grace us with his presence.

BayouDawg said...

Schlitz is getting his fudge packed in the bayou, he ain't gonna return.

Anonymous said...

This guy is pathetic.