Friday, November 7, 2008

Double L Ranch

Week 11

Wallet Check: - $2,000
Week 10 gains/losses: - $2,000

Son of a Bitch… I feel like the kid in a Christmas Story after he decodes the Ovaltine secret message. Oh well, so I’ve got some work to do, but luckily the season is playing right into the hands of the Ol’ Schlitz. Ala 2007 UGA season finale! And it all starts now, right here at the Sun Cruz! I mean it, hold on gents, the Benjamin’s are calling and they want to come home!

The Schlitz had to take a day job this week working for the man. Not just any man… The Obama! I campaigned hard and now that it’s over, I’m here to lay it on the line for tomorrow’s contests. As the campaign took a toll on me and my posse outside some voting stations, the stories of the week will have to be kept vaulted. Therefore, I’m going to jump straight into the winners of the week. I’ve had to up the ante to make up ground, so if you’ve not got a reserve like that of the Schlitz… You’ll need to call your mortgage holder and see if you can’t pull a little equity out for this week. Make sure he knows you’ll be paying it back by Monday morning! With the election now behind us, rest assured, Obama and I are here to make you C Notes!

5 Benjamin’s
Arizona State -14.5 over Washington
Even ASU can pull this one off

4 Benjamin’s
Take UGA -12 at UK
The Dawgs will regroup and win in a walk

3 Benjamin’s
Alabama -3.5 over LSU in Baton Rouge
The Schlitz really thinks LSU sux

2 Benjamin’s
Penn State -7.5 over Iowa
Paterno’s troops will be bringing the hammer

1 Benjamin
Take Texas Tech -3.5 in Lubbock
It’ll be a great game, but Crabtree will break it in the end to cover

The 5 Benjamin “Back on Track” Special
Pistol Pete and the Red Raiders
Take the OVER of 69

Really, sorry to keep it short, but after last week’s debacle and the campaign this week… The Schltiz is flat worn out. Nothing a few crisp ones won’t reenergize.

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