Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Double L Ranch

Week 14

Wallet Check: - $1,500
Week 12 gains/losses: -$ 500

Terrible news this week folks. The Schlitz was on flight 565 out of Cosovo earlier this week when the plane was hijacked. The worst part is that Schlitz was the hijacker. Having lost his pride to a group of militant bikers outside East Baton Rouge Parish, the Schlitz could apparently take no more. Rumor is he demanded the plane and was immediately restrained by a 3rd grade girl on her way to visit Grandma for the holidays. Unfortunately, the plane also had engine troubles and doom seemed inevitable. Luckily, all passengers were able to escape unscathed with the exception of Schlitz. He was locked in the bathroom in a straight jacket. My hats off to the lad, as he brought us entertaining weeks of crap, some memorable stories and proved why it takes more than a Schlitz to make the greenbacks. In fact…

It takes a freakin witch doctor from New Guinea! So guess what we got?

It’s amazing that it takes so many years of losing your shirt wagering on the “Latest Lines”, but Schlitz has hopefully taught us all that a witch doctor is the only viable solution. Though this fella from “The Guinea” will only grace us with his presence this one week, I am honored and look forward to winning the money that Schlitz so desperately wanted for us all. Apparently for sacrificial reasons, the “Doctor” has to get back to the jungle for some animal rights hearings. In any case, he seems to have absolutely zero knowledge of football and/or how good any of these teams really are head to head. Interestingly, much like the Schlitz and most people who wager on football… However, the one thing the witch doctor can provide is some voodoo magic that surely will bring the Benjamin’s home for us all. This week is one game. One lock. One toast to the Schlitz. And…

100 Benjamin’s
The Dawgs by 8 over Tech

I may not be one for voodoo, but for the sake of Schlitz and a much needed trip to Dubai, I will be loading the wagon one last time and riding it through Athens with the spirit of Schlitz riding shotgun! He certainly brought Good Times and I for one will forever remember the life and times of a legend in his own world. When you hear the bell ringing Saturday after the game, know that Schlitz is probably at the helm. Rest in peace old friend.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Knowshon named a Doak Walker Finalist

Congrats to Knowshon on being named one of three finalists for the 2008 Doak Walker Award, presented annually to the nation's best running back. If I'm not mistaken, Garrison Hearst is the only other finalist for this Award ever from UGA (Hearst won the Doak Walker in 1992.)

The other finalists this season are Michigan State's Javon Ringer and Iowa's Shonn Greene. Here's how the stats of each match up:

Moreno, UGA: 210 carries, 1244 yards, 5.9 yards per carry, 15 touchdowns

Ringer, MSU: 370 carries, 1590 yards, 4.3 YPC, 21 TDs

Greene, Iowa: 278 carries, 1728 yards, 6.2 YPC, 17 TDs

Pretty solid company. It appears to me that Greene is probably his biggest competition. Ringer is a great back (and one of the all-time workhorse RBs), but his YPC is worst among any running back in the Top 25 leading rushers in the nation. Knowshon is certainly a bigger and flashier name than Greene, but Greene's numbers are really unbelievable. He has rushed for over 100 yards in every Iowa game this season, and has scored a TD in all but one. That is Herschel territory. Knowshon's struggles against the 3 best defenses he faced all year (South Carolina, Alabama and Florida) will probably leave him to finish as the runner-up this year.

Still a great honor, for Knowshon, and certainly underscores his place as one of the top backs ever to play at UGA.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Will BCS history repeat itself? Sure doesn't look like it.....

It's happening.

As a Georgia fan, about 359 days ago you were more than likely screaming your head off at the travesty and injustice taking place as the Dawgs were "manipulated" out of a spot in the BCS Championship game, which eventually featured LSU and Ohio State.

To recap the events of what occured on what some people think might have been the craziest day in college football history - December 1st, 2007:

-Georgia opened the day as the #4 team in both the Harris and Coaches' polls, behind Missouri, West Virginia and Ohio State.

-The Dawgs were sitting at home that day, shut out of the SEC Championship by a series of events that can only be explained as an injustice toward all of humanity.

-LSU (#6 Harris, #7 Coaches that morning) would beat Tennessee later that day in Atlanta to win the SEC Title.

-Pittsburgh upset West Virginia
(#2 Harris, #1 Coaches) in Morgantown to eliminate the Mountaineers from BCS Title Game consideration.

-Oklahoma pounded Missouri (#1 Coaches, #2 Harris) in the Big 12 Championship game to remove Missouri from consideration.

-So if the #1 and #2 team lose, naturally the #3 and #4 teams move up to #1 and #2, right? Uhhh, not exactly. The next day, the Harris Poll voters jumped both LSU and Oklahoma over UGA, leaving the Dawgs at #4 in favor of the SEC and Big 12 Conference champions. Ohio State moved to #1, and the BCS Standings resulted in Ohio State and LSU meeting for the National Championship in New Orleans, which LSU won. Georgia was left to play in the Sugar Bowl against WAC Champion Hawaii.

As is the case with every release of the BCS standings, the controversy picked up. UGA fans were incensed. But the majority (if not all) of the national media was resigned to the idea that Georgia was treated fairly, the primary excuse being that "Georgia didn't even play in its own conference championship."

Disclaimer #1: I was among the few UGA fans that questioned whether the Dawgs really deserved to play in the Title Game last year. The fact that UGA blew it at home against South Carolina, and didn't bother to show up in Knoxville was still fresh in my mind. It was hard for me to get past that. But I'll admit that I'm strange. At the end of the day, it would have been hard for me to argue with anybody that UGA did not deserve to play in that game. There was certainly nobody in the country that had a better team than UGA at the end of last season.

What I could not handle, was the fact that pretty much everybody employed in Bristol, CT was all of a sudden speaking out adamantly against UGA's right to a National Title shot. For a long time I've felt like ESPN had a strong bias against UGA. Now everybody was starting to see it first hand. (The Moreno hurdle incident earlier this season just confirmed it further.) I remember listening to Kirk Herbstreit in an interview on 680 the Fan the following week saying something to the effect of "Georgia fans should just be happy with the Sugar Bowl, and look toward a great season next year." I remember that I almost couldn't think straight I was so pissed off listening to this guy spew this crap. I thought about how I couldn't wait to hear if he'd feel the same way if this scenario repeated itself one day with somebody else.

Well, it is now happening. (Although alot sooner than I thought.)

I'm watching the Oklahoma-Texas Tech game Saturday night. The score was about 150-10, so I'm not certain there were a whole lot of folks outside of Big 12 country that actually heard this conversation between Herbstreit himself and Brent Musberger. Again, I can't recall the exact conversation, but the insinuation was something to the effect that if the Big 12 South Champion loses in the Big 12 title game, the team that doesn't make it to that game (Oklahoma or Texas) will have a claim to a spot in the BCS Title Game. Brent (who's idiocy never ceases to amaze me, even back when he wasn't borderline senile) even chimed in that perhaps an Oklahoma-Texas rematch might be in the cards (I'm guessing that this was based on the assumption that the SEC might somehow screw up their end of the deal, although perhaps that is a bad assumption when dealing with Musberger.)

Disclamer #2: I'd like all readers to understand that I dislike Kirk Herbstreit. I always have. I've professed my dislike for him for years, and people would tell me how crazy I was because "he always talked up UGA." I couldn't ever care less how he felt about UGA. He (and the entire Gameday set for that matter) represent everything that has become wrong with college football. The commercialism, the media bias, the fact that his alma mater is the most overrated and overblown program in America, all of it...wrapped up in one nice neat ball of hair gel and a mop bucket full of makeup. I won't even mention how he lobbied for a Ohio State - Michigan BCS Championship in 2006, then turned around and lobbied against UGA's inclusion in the same game on the basis that they didn't play in their conference championship. So by his reasoning, because the Big 10 doesn't play a Championship game, they are exempt from the same rule that keeps Big 12 and SEC teams out of it? The guy is a joke of monumental proportions.

Would you let this guy decide your National Champion?

Two other media outlets have suggested the possibility, at College Football News and in Monday's USA Today. (Although Pete Fiutak at CFN does not mention the notion that UGA was omitted last season for the same reason, he at least acknowledges the idea that letting the Big 12 South runner-up into the game would not be acceptable.)

I can see the sentiment building. Bob Stoops and Mack Brown are already starting to stump for where they should be ranked. I can guarantee you that if they both finish with one loss heading to the Big 12 Championship, which ever one's team is left out of the mix will be loud as hell (a lot louder than Mark Richt was a year ago.)

Tell me this guy couldn't sell salt to a slug.....

The chatter is going to get louder about this. Not even a year ago these people were saying UGA couldn't go to the BCS title game because they didn't play in the SEC Championship. Now, that idea seems to be forgotten. If this picks up steam (and trust me, it will), no longer should anybody out there be discounting that a bias that exists with the majority of the media toward UGA. It is real (although it remains unexplainable), and I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon. Try not to act surprised.

Incidentally, what do I think should happen should a doomsday scenario occur where Alabama or Florida lose this weekend and then win the SEC, or where the Big 12 North champion wins the Big 12 Championship Game? Well first of all, if Alabama happens to be the SEC Champion with one loss, they should get consideration. If Oregon State loses this weekend and gives USC the Pac 10 title, then the Trojans should be considered. After that, Utah and Penn State should be next in line (in that order, I might add.) Let's just make it clear that if you aren't in your conference championship game (and in all reality you must win that game to avoid being a loser in your last game before the postseason), you are disqualified. That precedent has clearly been set by those "in power" in college football, and UGA was the victim last season. There had better be more victims to follow this year.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Early UGA Hoops Talk

It feels a little strange to be focused on basketball before Thanksgiving, but football season has been a relative letdown (more on that during Tech week), and there are things that we've seen from Felton's crew so far that make me think this is going to be a pivotal year for the current regime.

Through 3 games, the Dawgs sit at 1 fairly underwhelming victory, 1 very underwhelming victory, and 1 extremely disturbing loss. Nothing about this team (so far) makes the casual observer believe that this season will be any different than anything we've seen in the past. Felton's teams have historically had trouble scoring (check), but have also always played aggressive, physical defense (check, sort of.) It is early, but through 3 games against teams that were all picked to finish in the lower half of their respective conferences, UGA is averaging a whopping 62 points per game. These are the games where SEC teams are supposed to be padding their offensive stats against lesser competition. So much for that idea. Only 2 players (true freshman Travis Leslie and senior Terrance Woodbury) are averaging double figures. Again, all of this comes with the caveat that it is still early. But there is valid concern for the prospects of this team in 2008-09.

Lack of offense is not uncommon for Felton-coached teams in Athens. To be honest, those of us that live and die with this program have come to expect it. But there are some other disturbing statistical trends that we've seen early this year:

#1: The Dawgs have been out-rebounded in 2 of the 3 games. With large bodies like Jeremy Price, Albert Jackson and Chris Barnes on the blocks, this shouldn't be happening against the level of competition the Dawgs have seen so far.

#2: UGA's assist to turnover ratio is a silly 1 to 1.7. This isn't a big surprise with a sophomore and true freshman as your primary ballhandlers, but this simply has to improve. It doesn't have to be 2 to 1, but we really need to see the numbers at least even up. This number can be a little misleading sometimes, and with UGA's turnovers per game (about 16) being considered "average", it really tells us that the Swansey and Ware have just got to become a little better at distributing the ball to their own teammates.

#3: The distribution of minutes is confusing me more than Pres-Elect Obama's foreign policy. Only Woodbury is playing more than 30 minutes a game. Troy Brewer, who I thought was really ready to break out, is averaging less than 4 minutes and didn't even get off the bench in one game. Albert Jackson (who admittedly is still hobbling on the ankle) is playing 13 minutes a game and has scored 3 points so far. I understand that there is more depth on the roster this season than we've maybe ever seen under Felton, but I'd expect to see less even distribution for some players as we move forward through the season.

A few key things really need to happen to get this thing on track.

First, the Dawgs need Trey Thompkins healthy in the worst way. (Hopefully he'll be back next week.) Not only is he Felton's best offensive option in the post, but he'll also help to stabilize the rotation. With Price, Barnes, and Jackson as the only options down low, and Jackson only at about 50%, Felton seems to be having alot of trouble finding the right mix.

A reliable outside scoring threat has to develop. Right now, Corey Butler seems to be the best option from behind the arc. Woodbury is really having trouble finding his stroke, and seems to be having some difficulty with his new role as the go-to guy on the roster. Ware is probably shooting alot more 3's than Felton would like. Travis Leslie's game is not on the perimeter. Ricky McPhee can be lights out at times and may be one potential solution. But in my opinion, the most realistic scenario is for Brewer to work his way out of the doghouse and start getting meaningful minutes.

Alot of this has to happen quickly for Felton to avoid some serious heat. The majority of UGA fans that still have questions about Felton, even after last season's miracle run in the SEC Tournament. Some of that is from what they've seen on the court (particularly on offense), but most of it is the fact that so many great in-state players are going elsewhere. Derrick Favors is still the prize, and Felton and Mike Jones have done a terrific job to stay very much on his radar screen. But even if Favors comes to Athens, it won't be until a year from now. There is much to be done between now and next season.

Double L Ranch

Week 13

Wallet Check: - $1,000
Week 12 gains/losses: +$ 200

The Schlitz stumbled into the wrong parts last weekend and has been detained for the amusement of some bearded fellows in full tattoo armor. He was able to get his picks slid out the bathroom window for me and has assured that he will be back next week to spread his knowledge.

5 Benjamin’s
Take LSU -3.5 against Ole Miss

4 Benjamin’s
Take Troy -10 over UL Lafeyette

3 Benjamin’s
Take Boise State -7 at Nevada

2 Benjamin’s
Take Oregon State +2.5 at Arizona

1 Benjamin
Take BYU +7 at Utah

The 5 Benjamin “Back on Track” Special #3
Take Texas Tech +7 over Oklahoma

Here’s a toast to getting into the green!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One Man's Bowl Projections

I love bowl season. Unlike most college football fans, I watch just about every play of every bowl that I possibly can in the month of December. Whereas I wouldn't watch a down of Southern Miss vs Louisiana Monroe during the regular season, I'd look forward to it if you put the words "GMAC Bowl" in front of that matchup. I'm not sure why, it just takes on a different feel that time of year. As a result, around mid-November I usually start trying to figure out who is going to play who. I pay no attention to the projections you can readily find anytime on ESPN or any other website, I actually make these up on my own. (And since you asked, no.....I don't have any idea what is wrong with me.)

Anywho, this is all based on the way I see the remainder of the season playing out. First, my predictions on the big conference and national games for the rest of the regular season and conference championships (as of today):

This weekend:
Georgia Tech over Miami
Penn State over Michigan State
Cincinnati over Pittsburgh
Maryland over Florida State
Wake Forest over Boston College (clinches ACC Atlantic for Maryland)
Oklahoma over Texas Tech
Arizona over Oregon State

Weekend of Nov. 29:
Florida over Florida State
Georgia over Georgia Tech
Boston College over Maryland
Virginia Tech over Virginia (securing the ACC Coastal by way of 4-way tiebreaker)
Oklahoma State over Oklahoma (which puts Texas Tech into the Big 12 Championship)
Alabama over Auburn
USC over Notre Dame
Oregon State over Oregon
Utah over BYU (securing undefeated season for Utah)

Weekend of Dec. 6:
SEC - Florida over Alabama
USC over UCLA (clinching Pac 10 for USC)
ACC - Maryland over Virginia Tech
Big 12 - Texas Tech over Missouri

All of the above should create yet another BCS mess, with Texas Tech, Texas and Southern Cal all laying claim to the right to play Florida in the Title Game. I see Texas Tech getting the nod. Texas can't seriously have a bid, can they? Wasn't "you didn't win your conference" the excuse that everybody used against UGA last season? The computers are also much more enamored with Texas Tech than they are of Southern Cal, and games against Oklahoma and Missouri for the Red Raiders, as opposed to Notre Dame and UCLA for Southern Cal, won't help the Trojans' cause much. I'm guessing we're going to see a Florida-Texas Tech matchup for all the marbles. Of course all this assumes that Oklahoma State knocks off Oklahoma in Stillwater, which would give Tech new life. Certainly not a given. Undefeated Utah will get the automatic non-BCS conference bid, but Boise State (also undefeated) will be left out of the mix as Texas, Ohio State, and Alabama will fill the at-large spots.

BCS National Championship: Florida vs Texas Tech
Fiesta: Texas vs Ohio State
Sugar: Alabama vs Cincinnati
Orange: Maryland vs Utah
Rose: Penn State vs Southern Cal

The SEC is going to have a very difficult time getting enough teams to qualify for their bowl slots this season, with 2 teams all but certain to go to the BCS, and Auburn unlikely to get the required 6th win. The Dawgs look like a lock for the Capital One Bowl regardless of what happens against Georgia Tech next week. I believe the Capital One has choice of an East team over the Cotton Bowl, who traditionally picks a team from the SEC West and will choose either LSU or Ole Miss (whose game this weekend may be a play-in for the Cotton.)

Cotton: Oklahoma vs LSU
Capital One: Georgia vs Michigan State
Outback: Minnesota vs Ole Miss
Chick-Fil-A: North Carolina vs South Carolina
Music City: Vanderbilt vs Virginia
Independence: Kansas vs Kentucky

The rest of my projections (warning: there ain't much good in this list).....

GMAC: East Carolina vs Western Michigan
International: UConn vs Ball State
Liberty: Tulsa vs Arkansas State
Gator: Miami FL vs Notre Dame
Insight: Nebraska vs Illinois
Sun: South Florida vs Arizona
Armed Forces: Houston vs Air Force
Holiday: Oklahoma State vs Oregon State
Texas: Rice vs Bowling Green
Humanitarian: Florida State vs Boise State
Alamo: Missouri vs Northwestern
Papa John's: Pitt vs Clemson
Emerald: Wake Forest vs Oregon
Meineke Car Care: Virginia Tech vs West Virginia
Champs Sports: Georgia Tech vs Iowa
Motor City: Wisconsin vs Central Michigan
Hawaii: California vs Hawaii
Poinsettia: TCU vs Fresno State
New Orleans: Memphis vs Troy
Eagle Bank: Boston College vs Navy
Las Vegas: BYU vs Nevada
St Petersburg: Rutgers vs Southern Miss
New Mexico: UNLV vs Louisiana Tech

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Perno continues to build a powerhouse program

A few baseball notes and thoughts...

Recently when asked about the upcoming pitching staff, Coach David Perno said this is potentially the best staff Georgia has ever had. I'm convinced that Georgia baseball is at the beginning of a long run of dominance. Perno is putting together a powerhouse program. Check out the Fall Baseball Review with David Perno.

This was an interesting story of Freshman Outfielder Zach Cone when he took BP with the Angels after LA took him in the 3rd round last June:

Zach Cone,
a high school outfielder from Georgia who was a third-round pick in the June draft, took early batting practice with the Angels on Monday and hit one home run.

Cone, who is expected to sign with the Angels this week, met several players, including Hunter, who showed Cone the pay stub from the twice-monthly check he received Monday. Hunter, who is making $16.5 million this season, was razzed by Scioscia and several players for showing the kid his check, but he provided a defense.

Kirby used to do that to me,” Hunter said, referring to former Twins teammate Kirby Puckett. “He did it to motivate me.” ... from LA Times back in July

These are the type baseball recruits Georgia used to struggle getting on campus. Perno is proving that you can come to Georgia and develop your game in Athens instead of A and AA pro ball. Good times in Athens playing in the SEC followed by trips to Omaha and potentially ending up 1st rounders is the reward.

More from Freshman Zach Cone on upcoming season:

"Watching this team in the CWS last season, I knew things were going to be pretty good here," Cone said. "I love having a national title as the expectation around here. Everyone at Georgia is cool, and I love it here."

Read all of it here: Georgia expects freshmen to contribute ... Kendall Rogers

Perno believes Mike Palazzone and Cecil Tanner are two of the most talented arms the Bulldogs have ever had in a freshman class. He also loves hard-hitting freshman Chase Davidson, who definitely will be an immediate offensive contributor for the Bulldogs. Perno described Davidson as a "very" special player.

Read all of it here: More Georgia fall workout notes ... Kendall Rogers

Also: Freshman at Georgia were ranked 3rd by Baseball America ... georgiadogs
Also: Georgia still in good shape ... Kendall Rogers

The Future at Foley Field:
Drew Cisco to Georgia ... C&C
First four signees ... georgiadogs

Monday, November 17, 2008

College Basketball Preseason NIT Preview

Dennis Felton's boys take the floor tonight in West Lafayette, IN on the campus of Purdue University, for the 2008 Preseason NIT. The tournament this year features a pretty solid group of teams, including Top 25 Purdue, Davidson and Oklahoma, along with other perennial top programs such as Arizona, Boston College and St John's.

The Dawgs grabbed the #6 seed in the 16 team tournament, but somehow got locked into the same bracket with the #1 seed Purdue, and will face Loyola Chicago from the Horizon League tonight at 9:30 PM. Loyola is coming off a 7-point loss this weekend to Division II Rockhurst College. It is worth noting that in that game, Loyola guard JR Blount scored 42 points on 12-22 FG shooting and 17-20 from the FT line, almost an unheard of number of trips to the line for a guard not named Kobe or Michael. Keep an eye on that matchup tonight.

The Dawgs should (by all rights) advance tonight, but getting by the preseason Big 10 favorite Purdue, in their building, with a young squad - will be a tall task. The Boilermakers play a small, guard oriented lineup, and return 7 of their top 8 scorers and rebounders from a team that won 25 games a year ago. This will be much more than a solid test for UGA, should the Dawgs get past Loyola tonight as expected. Make no mistake, the Purdue fans will be looking to exact revenge for the NCAA tournament 12 years ago, when the Tubby Smith coached Dawgs knocked Cuanzo Martin (far left of picture) led and #1 seed Purdue out of the NCAA tournament in the 2nd round. OK, maybe not, but I remember it. (Martin is actually a current Purdue assistant, so perhaps he remembers it as well. One might also remember that he was one of the many esteemed Atlanta Hawks draft picks from the 1990's. But I digress.)

Incidentally, you can watch Purdue open up against Eastern Michigan tonight at 7 PM on ESPN2. No TV for UGA - Loyola, but if the Dawgs do advance, the game against Purdue will be 7 PM Tuesday on ESPNU. The winner of the Purdue bracket advances to New York City and Madison Square Garden on November 26th for the semifinals.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Georgia wins 3rd straight over Auburn

Player of the game...

The little ball of hate in action at Auburn

(photo: georgiadogs)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Georgia 72 South Carolina-Upstate 48

Georgia (1-0) opened the season with a 72-48 victory over South Carolina-Upstate. Also of note: Kentucky lost giving up 111 points at Rupp Arena to Virginia Military. Let the meltdown in DUI-town begin.

Some thoughts on Georgia ...

It will take a miracle for a team to drop 90 plus on a Dennis Felton team now that he has depth with scholarship players. Georgia had 20 steals and created 28 turnovers. The offense still struggles for stretches though. It will be interesting to see what Howard Thompkins brings to the table offensively when he's healthy.

Ricky McPhee is going to play some minutes this year. He is a good shooter who fills a need on this team. The kid can play.

Travis Leslie is a freak. I'm pretty sure I've never seen a better dunk in person in my lifetime than the baseline dunk on USC-Upstate's 7 footer. Every time Leslie drove to the basket the crowd prepared for something special. He is raw talent, but seems to be the real deal when it comes to all the 'Nique athletic ability comparisons. "Baby Human Highlight Film"?

Terrance Woodbury is Georgia's best player. He didn't seem to look for his shot much tonight, but I'm guessing he's going to be a 17 points a night guy when it is all said and done.

Our point guard situation is in good shape. Swansey and Ware are going to be solid. I really like Ware's upside. He along with McPhee each had 4 steals tonight.

Georgia really opened it up once the big's started making nice little passes in the paint. Most notably was a Leslie pass that led to a monster Chris Barnes dunk and and the next possession Barnes to Jeremy Price dish that led to another dunk.

(photo: Amanda C. Melton)

Clemson Without a Lake

Lewis Grizzard once described the Clemson University campus as "Auburn with a lake." That's an insult to Clemson. While I dislike Clemson as much as the next guy, there are some insults that take it too far. Comparing another campus to Auburn is just plain rude.

Georgia visits the Plains this weekend, a game that in most years has quite a bit riding on it. This year, not so much. Auburn needs a win in one of its final 2 games (UGA or Alabama) just to qualify for a bowl, while the Dawgs are trying to finish off what most observers would actually call a disappointing 10 win season and a New Year's Day bowl game. Not exactly what we've come to expect in most years with this game, but for a few of us out there the stakes of this game are still high. Some of us actually subscribe to the idea that Auburn is UGA's biggest rival.

Of course, UGA has played Auburn more than anyone else, 11 more times that Georgia Tech, and 25 more times than Florida. The Dawgs have only beaten Tech more times than Auburn, and haven't lost to any team more than the Tigers. For a while the all-time record went back and forth in favor of either team, until Auburn recently won 5 of 6 in the late 90s and early part of this century, to take a slight lead. The Dawgs have won 2 straight in the series, but still trail the Tigers 50-53-8 all time. The Dawgs recent blowouts of the Tigers have resulted in UGA taking a lead in the all-time point totals 1,730-1,685. Think about it, in 111 total meetings, UGA has averaged 15.6 points per game, Auburn 15.2. I'd venture to guess there aren't two teams in the country that have played over 100 times, hell...over 50 times, that are as closely matched as these two teams.
The series has had its share of memorable games. It seemed like every game in the first half of the 1980's had an SEC title riding on it. In recent years it has (at times) been more of the same, and there have been some classic games played.
1996: In Auburn, the Dawgs came from 21 points down in the 2nd half to tie the game on a last second touchdown toss (a prayer) from Mike Bobo to Corey Allen. 4 overtimes later, in the first overtime game ever played in the SEC, the Dawgs emerged with a 56-49 victory.
2000: The Dawgs and Tigers would play another overtime game in Auburn, this time with Auburn pulling out a 29-26 win that would ultimately help seal the fate of Jim Donnan.
2001: In Mark Richt's first foray into the rivalry, Auburn won 24-17 in Athens behind about 700 yards from Cadillac Williams. Richt inexplicably handed it off to Jasper Sanks with no timeouts on a potential game winning touchdown. Auburn stuffed it and the Dawgs lost. Tommy Tuberville would add fuel to the rivalry by telling Richt (through the media) that he would soon learn you have to run the ball to win in the SEC (since then Richt has 2 SEC titles to Tuberville's 1.)
2002: The "lid gets knocked off" the UGA program in Auburn, as David Greene hits Michael Johnson on 70X takeoff to secure a 24-21 victory and help UGA to its first conference title in 20 years.
2004: Auburn pounds the Dawgs 24-6 on the Plains on its way to the SEC title and an undefeated season.
2005: The Tigers come to Athens and play one of the classic games in the series, winning 31-30 after a 4th down pass from Brandon Cox to Devin Aromashadu that went about 60 yards to set up a game winning FG moments later.
2006: Georgia visits a one-loss Auburn with a record of 6-4, coming off a loss at Kentucky, and promptly pounds the Tigers 37-15 in Matthew Stafford's coming out party as the UGA QB. The loss effectively knocked Auburn out of the National Championship discussion.
2007: The first "blackout" in Sanford Stadium history saw the Dawgs beat down a pretty good Auburn team 45-20.

Personally, I've had my share of memories of this game. I attended my first Georgia game at Jordan Hare Stadium in 1994, and didn't miss another one (with the exception of 2001 thanks to my first born's arrival) until I vowed to stop attending all UGA-Auburn sporting events in 2005 (more on that later.) 1995 was the year the fans tore the hedges up at Sanford Stadium in the last game before it was temporarily converted to an Olympic soccer venue. 1999 was one of the most painful games I've ever watched, as Ben Leard is still throwing it to Ronney Daniels as he glides past Jeff Harris. After the loss in 2000, the thing I remember most that personified the situation was that one of my good friends cried after the game (although I'm not sure if it was because the Dawgs lost, or because his wife passed out in an open field.) Just bad, bad memories on the Plains (although '02 was a pretty good one.)

Back to my solemn vow to never attend another UGA - Auburn sporting event in person. The beginning of the end for me was actually a basketball game in 2002 on the Plains. This was the worst officiated sporting event I've ever attended. An Auburn team with a 10-11 record shot 37 free throws, while a Top 20 Georgia team coached by Jim Harrick only shot 16 of them. After storming out of what has to be the biggest craphole of an arena in these United States, I began a slow upward crescendo of Auburn hatred. The following year Auburn would beat Dennis Felton's first UGA hoops squad in a game that was marred by similarly crooked officiating. Follow that up with the 2005 Georgia-Auburn football game (the worst officiated football game I've ever seen), and my days of watching the Dawgs get screwed by SEC officials were over. I took a brief respite last year to attend the 2007 Blackout, but have since resumed the boycott, which will continue this weekend and perhaps through the end of my days on Earth.

Much like Bop so eloquently described below, I despise Auburn. Tiger fans have the ultimate inferiority complex. No matter how many times they beat Alabama consecutively, they run a distant 2nd in their own state. Only at Auburn can an SEC team go undefeated and not even play for the National Championship. Only in Auburn do the home fans believe that they can knock the "sting" off a home loss by yelling "War Eagle" at the opposing fans. (By the way, that is ALL that needs to be done. Yell "War Eagle" at the opposition and as an Auburn fan, you've officially avenged the loss. Especially if you are a female. I think that technique taught at AU freshman orientation.)

So in short, this is a storied rivalry that gets very little respect nationally, mostly because both teams have bigger rivals that are more well known. But this rivalry tends to get very little respect from its own fans as well, where there isn't near enough hatred spread around. If I have to hear one more comment about this being a "friendly rivalry", I think I'll vomit. There should be nothing "friendly" about this rivalry. If you've been a UGA fan for more than 10 years, you know that no team has ruined more potential "great" seasons for UGA than Auburn. The history books prove it.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Does nobody else hate Auburn?

I know The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry is considered friendly. Said to be a brotherly type rivalry. Georgia legend Vince Dooley played at Auburn. Auburn legend Pat Dye played at Georgia. Everyone has a cousin or an aunt or someone somewhere in their family who is a Tiger fan. I got an uncle. Great, great man. I look up to him as much as anyone in my life.

All that being said, I truly hate Auburn. It's not that I dislike them, I despise them. There, I said it. It feels good too. Go to their campus some random time and just look around. You will not find a "big" university in the country with more students that have more hats from other schools. Georgia, Kentucky, Florida Alabama etc etc, the list goes on. Auburn is everyone's backup school. The one you go to if you can't get into your favorite school. Truth hurts.

I've never seen a school with as much overall impressive success in many sports with a bigger inferiority complex either. We are talking Alabama here. They are worse with Bama than Tech people are with Georgia. They are about to run off Tommy Tuberville and he has beaten Bama 6 straight games. One bad year while Saban wins big at Bama and they are running him out. WTF? He's the best thing to happen to Auburn football since Georgia's old basketball coach was on their campus. Look, I'm not a wingnut fan and a lot of my disdain for Auburn is I'm sure directly related to some of the embarrassing loses he has put on Georgia, but the man can flat out win football games. Who are you going to get to coach at Auburn that is even half the coach Tuberville is? I love it. They are imploding from the inside out. It's reminiscent of the Petrino debacle a few years back. Oh, and I do think Auburn was the class of the football world in 2004. About 10 points better than that Southern Cal team at a neutral site. Yep, I believe Auburn got screwed out of a National Title in '04. It couldn't happen to a better school.

Plus, there's always this:

(video: AUtigerman02)

I really gotta hand it to the Redcoats in the above video ... great timing on playing "Georgia on my mind".

Auburn just isn't very good this year. Their offense in inept. Georgia should win this game by 14 or more with ease. Problem is it's The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry. This series is so different than all others. Going simply by the history of this series Auburn will win.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Double L Ranch

Week 12

Wallet Check: - $1,200
Week 11 gains/losses: +$ 800

It seems laying low for a week helped the Schlitz regroup and light up the win column. Although the winnings were nice this week, I knew that there was plenty more where that came from, but I needed some companions to energize the quam. I hopped a flight Sunday night heading east to meet an old friend of mine for a few days just outside Dubai. Frank Mathis is his name and he has been like a father to me through the years. We’ve traveled the continents in search of fine wines and cheap women and for that I’m sincerely grateful. Frank’s life story plays like an Old Number One, but his vast knowledge of football can not possibly be paralleled. He has introduced me to the likes of Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robinson, Al Oliver and Odibee McDowell. In fact, Frank even introduced me to a great gambling shark in his own right at the camel tracks outside Mumba on Tuesday. Arak “Pee Wee” Hummus. This guy could not only call a camel race, but provided some of the finest herbal remedies I’ve ever had. After a few canteens of Romalad Whiskey, the three of us decided that Pee Wee may provide the anecdote for a winning weekend if he were to fly back to the states with us and make some calls on college ball. Though he had no idea what college ball meant we knew that his stash would be left in Mumba if we didn’t convince him to join us. A spliff and a half later, the trip was planned and we were on our way to Ruston, Louisiana. Pee Wee, Frank and I arrived in Louisiana last night and stumbled into an old joint that Frank used to frequent back in his bootleggin days. Even now, I must admit, I have no idea where I am… I CAN tell you this though, the wine flows, the smoke blows and so do the women! Sorry, that was uncalled for, but unfortunately not worthy of deletion.
Anyhow, on with the show that brings in the doe:

5 Benjamin’s
Take BYU -4 at Air Force
I know this isn’t a big game, but it’s certainly worthy of a 5 spot. BYU has a lot to play for while the Falcons are trying to break into the top 25. Look for a lot of points and a BYU victory.

4 Benjamin’s
Take UGA -8 at Auburn
It’s bound to be break out time for the Dawgs. Auburn has no offense and should not score more than 13 points. The Tigers will be fired up, but after the Dawgs score on the opening drive the crowd will be silenced and the long afternoon begins in for Auburn.

3 Benjamin’s
Purdue +17.5 at Iowa
Iowa played unreal against Penn State. No question. However, the excitement won’t last as Purdue will certainly hang around enough to make the points worth taking.

2 Benjamin’s
Missouri -28 at Iowa State
Blow out. This was called by Pee Wee and I’d suspect he’s right. Iowa State is looking forward to the offseason and plowing the corn fields. Again, blow out.

1 Benjamin
UCLA -7 at Washington
This should probably be more than a single note, but since it is the Pac 10, crazier things have happened. Let’s drop a crisp one on UCLA though, as Washington is flat out awful.

The 5 Benjamin “Back on Track” Special #2
Utah State will lose by 13 to Louisiana Tech
This is a sneak attack that will win you some serious doe…

It’s creeping up on me now and the lights are definitely dimming. Between the three of us I think we’ve put together a winning package in preparation for the Dubai outing. We’ve opened another bottle of Port and I suspect I’ll be dozing through the games this weekend, but come Sunday, the jet will be fired up with my briefcase of Benjamins and we’ll be heading to yet another fabulous destination! Bottoms up!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Soulja Boy on Auburn's Minds

Tommy Tuberville has graciously lifted the gag order on his players this week, allowing them to speak their minds and feelings about the choice of music during last year's 45-20 Georgia over the Tigers in Athens. A smattering of the talk from the Auburn players:

"That's been on my mind for the whole year.....They even had whoever was calling the game - those guys were up in press box doing that. That got to me. It's just another opportunity to try to get them back for what they did to us last year. I've definitely been looking forward to this game. This is the game that's been marked on my calendar since last year....I'm sure it didn't sit well with any of the players on the team. It was a hurtful feeling in my heart to be on the sideline and to see those guys dancing....We have an opportunity to get those guys back. Maybe we can talk to coach Tubs and play some music." - WR Rod Smith

"I've got something for them.....Don't let me get in the end zone. If I score on a kickoff return against Georgia, I'm with Yox (Auburn strength coach Kevin Yoxall) the rest of my life. I'm going to let it be known." - Kick returner Tristan Davis

It should be noted that both of the guys above are from the state of Georgia, so there should be no shortage of motivation for them anyway. Keep your eyes on them if they score, which is truly a strong possibility considering UGA's special teams and defense as of late. Based on Smith's comments those looking for answers to why Auburn has 5 losses, can look no further than that evidence. Obviously there are some Auburn players that have been looking ahead to this Saturday. All season. Seriously, you look for ways to motivate whereever you can. Perhaps Wingnut has been "crankin' dat" in practice this week.

Here's some of the fun and shenanigans during last year's blowout.....

The CBS footage with Danielson/Lundquist crankin' dat:

(Courtesy: RedStripeDawg)

And from "embedded journalists" inside Sanford Stadium

(Courtesy: mmorrow07)

(Courtesy: usabobsled2006)

Monday, November 10, 2008

WLOCP and the future of Jacksonville...

"Do you know what is gonna happen here tonight? And up at St. Simons, Jekyll Island, and all those places, where all those Dawg people have got those condominiums for four days...MAN, is there gonna be some property destroyed tonight!" - Larry Munson in Jacksonville 1980

I've been off and on writing these thoughts since last Sunday on the way back from St. Simons. Georgia lost in Jacksonville to Florida. Again. Maybe it's me...I've witnessed one win down there. 1997. (picture of marina tailgating: parisofthesouth)

Word is Coach Mark Richt and others are going to push hard for the Georgia/Florida game to go home and home and not be renewed for Jacksonville. Hear me now and believe me later ... changing the locale is going to pick up steam. My worry is that it's going to happen and going to happen soon. The push will come from some people in very high places on both sides of the rivalry (well probably mostly from Athens). This is PATHETIC. If anyone involved thinks the game is not fair and that Florida has a decided advantage and therefore the game should be moved out of Jacksonville, they can quite frankly get the hell out of town. Yes, I feel this strongly about this.

Nobody is more important than this game. Nobody. If the push comes from the UGA side of the rivalry (which is where it's coming from), I will be pissed. So you think you will just waltz into The Swamp and pick up a victory any easier? It's not like Sanford Stadium is a given. I actually like our chances in Jacksonville as much as at home. But again, that's beside the point ... don't mess with this tradition. Quite frankly nobody, not school presidents, head coaches or any legendary player or alumni has the right to mess with this tradition.

"Every year the questions arise: Do we move back to a home-and-home series or move it back to Jacksonville," said Frank Crumley, Georgia's executive associate athletic director for finance and administration. "We address that every time and it's not totally decided by us. We have discussions with (Florida officials] and the city of Jacksonville and have to present that back to our athletic board for review and approval."
"It's still too early to tell what the sentiment is." ... see full article here.

I have an idea ... let's bring the black stripes on the helmet back. Dig up the hedges since we seem to win on the road more consistently than at home. The hell with tradition and history. If we go to home and home we will never be able to get the Jacksonville game back when the realization sets in that we just ruined a great college tradition. Heads should roll if this happens. The divide in the fan base will be a sharp, deep cut.

This game in Jacksonville is great for Georgia fans. This game is a wonderful excuse for so many Dawgs to go to SSI and Jekyll and Amelia, Ponte Vedra and so many coastal places in between.

This is the game every season for South Georgia Dawgs. Who cares about them though.

It's about TRADITION.
It's about family and friends.

I will never forgive the powers that be if they change this game. My grandparents went to 24 straight. Sure they witnessed Georgia destroy Florida year in and year out, but the memories were as much about the trip and atmosphere as the game. It's what Georgia and Florida fans and families and alumni have that no other teams have. The Jacksonville Sports and Entertainment Board created the Georgia-Florida Hall of Fame. Think about it that for a second, this game has it own Hall of Fame.

I'll say it again...The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party is bigger than any coach or player. I don't want to hear the bitching and complaining about Florida having a home field advantage either. So Florida is 16-3 since 1990. What about the 15-4 streak the Dawgs had before that? It has NOTHING to do with where the game is played. NOTHING. Why does a CMR team play better on the road than at home then? Out coach and outplay Florida and the location is a non factor. Beating Georgia is one of the first priorities Steve Spurrier established when he came back to coach Florida and he flipped the recent history of the game.

This game has been in Jacksonville every year since 1933 (excluding '94 and '95 Gator Bowl renovations and '43 when UF didn't field a team). The first game in Jacksonville was in 1915. Georgia is 41-35-1 in Jacksonville against Florida. Georgia is 47-38-2 overall against Florida. I just can't begin to understand why people would want to change a tradition as special as this. (1929 Jacksonville program: gfc)

On the way back from SSI my wife and I just smiled at the students driving in convoys on their way back to Athens. It's what Georgia and Florida students have that students in Auburn and Columbia and Baton Rouge and so many other college towns will never understand. These students will graduate and relive those memories for years to come after their days in Athens and Gainesville are over.

Going fishing, playing golf, going to the beach, catching up with friends on and around the Golden just can't replace these things. The WLOCP in Jacksonville is about making memories. Memories with your teammates, with your classmates, with alumni, with family and with friends. This cannot be overlooked.

FYI...A clause in the current contract states that an agreement on an extension or new contract must be in place by June 1, 2009.

This reminds me of when Roy Barnes changed Georgia's flag. I don't want to discuss politics and don't care what side of the political aisle anyone is on, but all of a sudden his flag got pushed through without any citizens of Georgia having a say. I'm telling you, I can see this exact thing happening with Jacksonville. Just remember what happened to Barnes ... he ended up losing the Governors mansion because of his back room dealings and ego. Mark Richt and Michael Adams and Damon Evans and Frank Crumley and whoever else just might be about to push for a home and home without publicly asking for feedback. I have this feeling that all of a sudden Georgia is going to pull out of the Jacksonville extension with a blatant disregard to tradition.

Ok, I just can't bite my tongue ... the fact that the UGA beat writer from the Macon Telegraph is openly whining and bitching about Jacksonville rubs me the wrong way. I promise not to express my opinion on Syracuse or any other State of New York traditions that I don't understand. I promise.

Here is a good piece that Paul Westerdawg wrote on the topic. Unfortunately, I can't get through all of the comments without my blood boiling over the pathetic excuses by some Georgia fans wanting to go home and home. I know, go ahead and flame away if you disagree and don't care about tradition and don't have a sense of history. I'll never understand you and you'll never understand me. My mind will never be changed on this one. I'm a bad person like that.

If you want this tradition to stay a tradition and the Georgia/Florida game not to just become another game like everyone else has, you might think of writing the Athletic Department and giving your thoughts. I have a strong suspicion that nobody will openly ask for your opinion before they try and change this game. Voice your opinion Dublin, Moultrie, Kingsland and Valdosta. Speak up Homerville, Cordele, Folkston and Tifton.

I know this is posted 9 days after the WLOCP and during the beginning of Auburn week, but I just can't let this topic go. Maybe these fears of mine are unsubstantiated and there is no need to worry. I'm just afraid that the Georgia powers that be are about to turn soft and buck one of the finest traditions in all of America.

Georgia/Auburn highlights

There will be absolutely no excuse if Georgia doesn't shut down Auburn this weekend. Their offense is anemic. Here are some Georgia/Auburn highlights from back when Georgia used to play defense:

Oh look at the sugar falling out of the sky...

video: juan4uu79

Odell's pick 6...

video: ugahairydawgs

Saturday, November 8, 2008

All time series vs. Kentucky: 49-11-2

Player of the game...
17-27 376 yards 3 touchdowns

*Although there were many defensive players to choose from also. That Georgia defense is hard to move the ball on. Nobody, I mean nobody runs on Georgia anymore.

Photo (AP/Ed Reinke)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Georgia 93 Albany St. 56

Georgia looked good in the only preseason game of the year, a 93-56 win over Albany State. Felton has more weapons than he has had in his previous combined years in Athens. This team is going to surprise a lot of people this season.

Freshman Travis Leslie

Sophmore Jeremy Price led Georgia with 19 points. His offensive game looks to have improved quite a bit. Sophmore Troy Brewer had 15 points and can flat out fill it up. The kid is a scorer and is the one player I'm interested in seeing how much time he gets from Felton. It's hard to tell in tonights game how his defense has progressed. That will probably determine his minutes more than anything else, because he has unlimited range on offense.

Freshman Drazen Zlovaric added 15 also. He is going to be a big time weapon for Felton. He has great hands and is very versatile. This kid could end up the steal of the conference in recruiting. I thought Swansey ran the team well. His outside shot should be much improved. The freshman Ware has a ton of upside at point too. His speed brings a good mixture at that position.

Word is Albert Jackson will miss only some practice with his sprained ankle. I don't think the end of last season for him was a flash in the pan. He looks ready to pick up where he left off assuming the injury isn't serious.

I guess the thing thing that is so exciting is to finally have all the options all over the court. Felton has built this program up the right way and deserves a lot of credit. I'm happy for him.

Double L Ranch

Week 11

Wallet Check: - $2,000
Week 10 gains/losses: - $2,000

Son of a Bitch… I feel like the kid in a Christmas Story after he decodes the Ovaltine secret message. Oh well, so I’ve got some work to do, but luckily the season is playing right into the hands of the Ol’ Schlitz. Ala 2007 UGA season finale! And it all starts now, right here at the Sun Cruz! I mean it, hold on gents, the Benjamin’s are calling and they want to come home!

The Schlitz had to take a day job this week working for the man. Not just any man… The Obama! I campaigned hard and now that it’s over, I’m here to lay it on the line for tomorrow’s contests. As the campaign took a toll on me and my posse outside some voting stations, the stories of the week will have to be kept vaulted. Therefore, I’m going to jump straight into the winners of the week. I’ve had to up the ante to make up ground, so if you’ve not got a reserve like that of the Schlitz… You’ll need to call your mortgage holder and see if you can’t pull a little equity out for this week. Make sure he knows you’ll be paying it back by Monday morning! With the election now behind us, rest assured, Obama and I are here to make you C Notes!

5 Benjamin’s
Arizona State -14.5 over Washington
Even ASU can pull this one off

4 Benjamin’s
Take UGA -12 at UK
The Dawgs will regroup and win in a walk

3 Benjamin’s
Alabama -3.5 over LSU in Baton Rouge
The Schlitz really thinks LSU sux

2 Benjamin’s
Penn State -7.5 over Iowa
Paterno’s troops will be bringing the hammer

1 Benjamin
Take Texas Tech -3.5 in Lubbock
It’ll be a great game, but Crabtree will break it in the end to cover

The 5 Benjamin “Back on Track” Special
Pistol Pete and the Red Raiders
Take the OVER of 69

Really, sorry to keep it short, but after last week’s debacle and the campaign this week… The Schltiz is flat worn out. Nothing a few crisp ones won’t reenergize.

Weekend Predictions

I'll start by saying that there are serious concerns around these parts regarding the whereabouts of C&C contributor Schlitz Bolshivik. No telling what last week's losses did to seal his ultimate fate. Let's just hope for his sake that he is still in possession of all his appendages.

In his absence (temporary or not), here are JJ's picks on this week's games involving Top 10, SEC, and other teams of interest:

Baylor at Texas (-27.5): I am a little shocked that this spread is where it is, given the 'Horns coming off of a tough road loss and returning to Austin. Baylor has been competitive this year, but not this week.
Texas 45, Baylor 10

Georgia Tech at North Carolina (-4): Turn off your radios and cancel your AJC subscription (assuming you are one of the 10 people that still gets it) if Tech ends up winning this one. They have a shot, and if they manage to do it, then the talk will be that UGA mind as well not even show up in Athens at the end of November. Tech is a little banged up this week, so I don't see them getting it done against Butch Davis.
North Carolina 27, Georgia Tech 17

Georgia (-12) at Kentucky: This line has moved upward considerably this week, which means that CBS's signal mercifully didn't make it to the outer reaches of the country last Saturday afternoon. I think the Dawgs will win, but will look awful in doing so. This should be another inspiring performance in preparation to close out the season in style. (Come on fellas, prove me wrong.)
Georgia 28, Kentucky 20

Wyoming at Tennessee (-26.5): How awful must Wyoming be? I honestly don't know. But the bigger question is, how many people will be in attendance at this game? 75K?
Tennessee 35, Wyoming 7

Arkansas at South Carolina (-13): For once in the Spurrier era, the Cocks seem to be getting better late in the season. They should roll in Columbia this weekend. This might be easy money (yes, I know Arkansas has been better lately.)
South Carolina 35, Arkansas 10

Utah State at Boise State (-35): Boise State will be looking to impress given Utah's big win over TCU last night, but Utah State really showed me something in last week's win over Hawaii. OK, not really, but I'll pick them to cover this week.
Boise State 37, Utah State 10

Tennessee-Martin at Auburn (NL): How bad does it suck to be an Auburn fan right now. Team stinks, and you have to go watch your team look bad against a school named after Tee Martin.
Auburn 24, Tennessee-Martin 0

Oklahoma (-27.5) at Texas A&M: Oklahoma is just about unstoppable on offense right now. This weekend shouldn't be any different as they gear up for a visit soon from Texas Tech. Look for A&M to put up some points on a lousy Sooner defense.
Oklahoma 45, Texas A&M 23

Penn State (-7.5) at Iowa: If Penn State was any good this game would be more than a touchdown spread. I really want to say that there are some folks that know what they are talking about who are setting these lines. Ah, what the hell......
Iowa 31, Penn State 24 (OT)

Clemson at Florida State (-4): What would really be funny is if Tommy Bowden showed up on the sidelines on Diddy's behalf. Although that might violate his buyout.
Florida State 28, Clemson 21

Alabama (-3.5) at LSU: Having watched both of these teams play UGA this year, it is impossible for me to pick an upset here, even though I really am inclined to. I think the best thing I can hope for is that Nick Saban falls and does a face plant in front of everybody somewhere in full view of Tiger Stadium. Then maybe the same thing happens to Les Miles.
Alabama 28, LSU 20

Oklahoma State at Texas Tech (-3.5): I don't see any way that Tech can match the intensity of last week. Look for the Cowboys to jump up early and hold on. Don't forget that this was the game last year that sparked the classic Gundy tirade.
Oklahoma State 37, Texas Tech 33

California at Southern California (-22): This one has all the makings of one of those typical USC wins that the pollsters over-value and move the Trojans up in the polls.
USC 37, Cal 7

Florida (-23.5) at Vanderbilt: I remember a few weeks back I actually thought this would be a good game. Hard to see that now.
Florida 38, Vandy 10

Notre Dame at Boston College (-3.5): Last week's loss to Pitt all but assured Notre Dame of no BCS bowl this season, thank goodness. They probably should beat Boston College, but I'm guessing they'll find a way to screw it up.
Boston College 24, Notre Dame 23

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lex Luger and Mark 'Boca' Richt

From Bulldogs Blog:

"Lex is one of the guys that is going to be there, so I got the prospects up there as close as I could to the spot where the wrestlers come out to go through the ring," Richt said.

Luger walked out in typical pro wrestling fashion and was swarmed by the crowd. Security begins to spread the crowd out so Luger can't get through, when from a few feet away, Richt starts shouting, "Larry!"

"He doesn't flinch," Richt said. "He is still in the zone, the wrestling zone."

So Richt follows up with a "Hey, Larry Pfhol!"

"I wasn't that far away, but it was kind of loud," Richt said. "He looked at me and when he recognized it was me, he gave me a thumbs up and goes Hey, Boca,' then he went back to being this tough guy."

-Read the full story from David Hale here.

Larry Pfhol aka Lex Luger aka The Total Package aka The Narcissist started out the 1979 season for the Miami Hurricanes as an offensive guard until "his
scholarship was terminated for disciplinary reasons stemming from a hotel damage incident that occurred during an away game at Georgia Tech."

Here's an old school video of Luger dominating. I like the comment at the end..."That's an attack on a man's back." I never was much of a Luger fan personally.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Drew Cisco to Georgia

South Carolina class of 2010 pitcher Drew Cisco has committed to David Perno and the Georgia baseball program. This is a huge coup for Perno. Cisco's brother Mike was the ace pitcher for Ray Tanner and South Carolina. He is considered the top junior pitcher in the Palmetto State. He picked the Dawgs over South Carolina, Clemson, UNC, Southern Cal, Cal State Fullerton and Arizona. He could play some short stop in college, but projects as a dominant starter on the mound.

Cisco is the Diamond Prospects #1 player in the South Carolina class of 2010. Cisco's grandfather (Galen) was the pitching coach for the Toronto Blue Jays during their World Series title runs of the 1990's. This is another positive sign for Perno's reputation in developing pitchers. Read more on the baseball phenom here. I can't say enough on how Perno went into South Carolina and took this kid from Ray Tanner. Not to mention getting him from Clemson's backyard after years of the Tigers poaching the best talent from the Peach State.

See also:
Baseball America's 2008 top recruiting class rankings (UGA #3)
Perfect Game's 2008 top recruiting class rankings (UGA #2)
Fall Preview Q&A with David Perno
Gamecock viewpoint on Cisco

Georgia Hoops

Now that I've gotten back from the land of tanktops, guys wearing earrings, gold chains and women dressed like trash, the news of the day has to do with Felton's basketball team.

Most of the following links have a lot of Travis Leslie in them. This kid is gonna put people in the stands. My eyes and ears at the open practice came back to me with some exciting info. I'm betting that Felton shocks a lot of people this season. He's got a lot in the stable for the first time since he's been in Athens. We will have quite a bit on C&C when dealing with the hoops team, but any basketball fans out there need to check in with Daugman. His site is by far the best dealing with Georgia hoops.

Word is that Leslie ... Daugman's Chronicles
Re-post of Travis Leslie Video ... Daugman's Chronicles
Dawgs Open Practice ... Daugman's Chronicles
Dennis Felton, “Travis is the most explosive athlete at Georgia since ‘Nique.” ... R&B
Open Practice notes ...

2007 Youtube dunk from Freshman Travis Leslie: