Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekend Predictions (for entertainment purposes only)

Solid week of games upcoming for your viewing pleasure. No less than 5 matchups involving two teams ranked in the Top 25 of the current C&C Power Poll. Without further ado.....

Friday Night Special: Hawaii (+24) at #14 Boise State
Boise State didn't put away Southern Miss last week like you might have expected they would, but they're back at home this week against a better than expected Hawaii. The Warriors have been better lately, and the win at Fresno was impressive. I like Boise to keep it rolling big.
Boise State 40, Hawaii 14

#8 Texas Tech (-21) at Texas A&M
A&M is worse than terrible this year. If it weren't for the Washington teams, they might be the worst BCS conference team out there this season. Mike Leach is the anti-Richt (he loves to cover the number), but I'm suspecting this is a typical Tech defense (contrary to preseason reports.) So Tech wins it on the number.
Texas Tech 42, Texas A&M 21 (push)

Georgia Tech (-2.5) at Clemson
One might think that Clemson would be able to put up an inspired performance this weekend, and that combined with Tech's putrid showing last week against a team that most didn't know played football, this could be an upset. Unfortunately, I think Clemson just isn't very good regardless of who the coach is.
Georgia Tech 23, Clemson 17

Baylor (+17.5) at #5 Oklahoma State
Baylor is much improved, and Oklahoma State might have a slight letdown after last week's big upset of Missouri. This game may hang around the number for a while before the Cowpokes pull away late.
Oklahoma State 45, Baylor 21

#6 USC (-42) at Washington State
USC seems to have found some defense after shutting out Arizona State last week. Washington State is in for a world of hurt this week I'm afraid, and that is if USC takes it easy. If they open it up we could be talking triple digits on the board.
USC 56, Washington State 3

#15 Ohio State (-3) at #19 Michigan State
Ohio State has handled its Big 10 foes this season and has flown somewhat under the radar (at least they are finally under it.) This week looks like a trap to me as the Buckeyes will have their hands full with Spartan RB Jevon Ringer. Look for the MSU crowd to carry the Spartans to an outright win.
Michigan State 23, Ohio State 20

#16 Kansas (+20) at #4 Oklahoma
The Sooners will be looking to impress after the lousy showing on defense last week against Texas, but Kansas is strong offensively and may hang around in this one for a while. OU has too much on both sides of the ball.
Oklahoma 38, Kansas 21

Miami FL (-3.5) at Duke
This spread just looks odd. I didn't think I'd ever see the day that Miami would only be a field goal favorite over the Blue Devils. Strange thing is that Duke is actually good enough to win it outright.
Duke 24, Miami 17

Ole Miss (+12) at #2 Alabama
The Rebels have already won in the Swamp this season, so walking onto the Capstone (or is it "into the Capstone"??) won't be too overwhelming for them. Still, the Tide is rolling in from the off-week and won't let Houston Nutt sneak up on them. This one was close last year, it shouldn't be this year.
Alabama 34, Ole Miss 16

Michigan (+24.5) at #3 Penn State
This used to be a barn-burner, now it just smells like burnt Wolverine. Michigan has about as much chance winning this game as John McCain does of carrying California.
Penn State 40, Michigan 7

Mississippi State (+7) at Tennessee
This game carries about a 2 on a scale of 1-10 for the "Required Viewing" meter, the 2 being just in the off-chance that it could be Fulmer's last game if the Vols lose (and not because he's fired or resigns.) I can't see the Maroon Dawgs pulling it off in Knoxville.
Tennessee 24, Mississippi State 14

Arkansas (+7.5) at Kentucky
This spread looks a little too good to be true, but perhaps the odds-makers saw something in Arkansas' game last week other than a lousy Auburn team. Kentucky has dropped 2 straight, so this is a good week to see them get it back on track.
Kentucky 34, Arkansas 14

#11 Missouri (+4.5) at #1 Texas
This one promises alot of offense and has "letdown" written all over it for the 'Horns. Both teams have alot of pressure in this game, so I'm going with the favorite.
Texas 40, Missouri 27

#12 LSU (-2.5) at #23 South Carolina
The Tigers get a chance here to prove that they haven't been a fluke this entire season. South Carolina has the chance to prove that their recent winning streak is for real. Williams-Brice will be rocking at night, and South Carolina will have every chance to win this game. But I have a feeling The Hat still has some lucky magic left.
LSU 24, South Carolina 23

#20 Vanderbilt (+14.5) at #9 Georgia
The Dawgs apparently got their swagger back in Nashville last year (barely), and have an opportunity to do the same again in 2008. This time a late fumble and tie-breaking FG at the buzzer won't do it. This needs to be an ass-kicking. Vanderbilt is improved, but to be honest this 5-1 record and Top 25 ranking is all smoke and mirrors. The 'Dores are 12th in the SEC in total offense, and 10th in total defense. Eventually that catches up to you. Combine that with a team that desperately needs to make some kind of statement, and you have the makings of what should be a blowout. Unfortunately it is difficult to predict the Dawgs to blow someone out with a straight face. Let's just say UGA wins it comfortably, but not comfortable enough that Mark Richt wouldn't be able to sleep Saturday night.
Georgia 31, Vanderbilt 13

One more......I've got a feeling that BYU's undefeated run comes to an end this week. Look out for the Horned Frogs at home. Just remember that I told you so.


Bear said...

I REALLY like that TCU pick.

Anonymous said...

Bear: yeah especially since it happened before the post.

Upset Saturday:
Mizzou over Texas
MSU over Ohio State
Ole Miss over Bama

Miami should cover 3 as well

Mike said...

Phat wallet having a little trouble picking up bear's sarcasm.

If Ole Miss was to beat Bama I wonder if they would fall further in the polls then Florida did after their loss to the Rebs. Just wondering. It would provide a nice opportunity to point out inconsistent voting trends but something tells me it ain't gonna happen.

chocc said...

Make your notebook fast

Make your notebook fast.