Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday Night Random

It probably goes without saying, but this is Knowshon's week to get himself a trip to New York City in about 9 weeks. Another 188 (or something in that vicinity) and 2-3 touchdowns will just about solidify the trip. (Although more importantly, those numbers all but guarantee a UGA victory.) Going to be hard to beat Colt McCoy and his 98.2% completion percentage, but making the trip would be nice in and of itself.

I had a detailed BCS post on my fingertips that I really wanted to get out this week, but I noticed a few blogs this week that already did it better than I ever could. Check them out here and here. To keep it simple, here's really all you need to know to make it clear as mud:
  • There are basically 7 teams with a plausible chance to make the BCS Championship in Miami. (Texas, Alabama, Penn State, Southern Cal, Georgia, Florida, and Texas Tech.)
  • Texas has the most control of their destiny. Win out and they are a given for Miami (and deservedly so.)
  • If Texas Tech can upset Texas and Oklahoma and win the Big 12 Championship, they have to get a spot.
  • Penn State needs someone to win the SEC other than Alabama. Even in that scenario, the Nittany isn't a sure thing, although they would be better than 50/50, because their coach is 131 years old and that makes a great story.
  • A 1-loss Florida or Georgia would still have a great case over an undefeated Penn State, and I'm certain the computers would agree. The human voters may be a different story (see: 131 year old coach at Penn State.)
  • Southern Cal has an uphill climb. If Penn State doesn't lose, the Trojans are toast unless a 1-loss Texas Tech (or the Big 12 North representative) wins the Big 12, and either Georgia or Florida win the SEC with 2 losses.
  • You probably noticed I didn't mention Oklahoma in the "plausible" category. The Sooners need Texas to lose twice to even get into the discussion. I don't see it happening. Oklahoma State is in the same boat.

There aren't many folks willing to pick the Dawgs to beat the Gators this weekend, but there is the old reliable. It isn't hard to see why ESPN fired this guy. He obviously didn't fit with the corporate standard in Bristol.

There are whispers that Derrick Favors may have narrowed it down to 2 schools, and those just happen to be the 2 major programs in the state of Georgia. Favors' high school coach isn't commenting, which probably confirms that he's close to an announcement. Keep your eyes on this the next 2-3 weeks. If there was a UGA hoops related story could take 5 minutes of attention away from a UGA football BCS run, Favors committing to Felton and the Dawgs would be it.

Finally, in the midst of a very interesting season thus far, I've had my mind on a few unsung players that are having very, very solid years and are probably flying under the radar given what guys like Stafford, Moreno, Green, and Curran are doing:

  • Shaun Chapas: Started the season off a little bit slow, but you really can't blame him. Southerland has been so good the last 3 years you probably took for granted what a fullback can do. As Chapas has gotten more comfortable, his blocking has been much stronger, and he's proven to be at least equally as effective as an offensive weapon as Southerland has been. His development has allowed Southerland to ease his way back into the game plan.
  • Ben Jones: All you need to know about how good he's been, is that some Dawg fans are rumbling that the way to neutralize Florida LB Brandon Spikes this weekend, is to get Jones out beyond the line of scrimmage to get "nasty" with Spikes, and thus clear the way for Moreno to go off. High praise.
  • Corvey Irvin: Maybe the biggest surprise on defense. He won't get quite the praise, but he's easily held his own along side a sure-fire NFL future star in Geno Atkins. Maybe the key in UGA's ability to stop the run. Irvin and Atkins struggled a bit in Baton Rouge, but we'll strike it up to an off-day for now.
  • CJ Byrd: The latest in a long-line of key senior leaders in the secondary. He's been nothing if not fundamentally sound, which is about all you can ask for where he's playing.
  • Brian Mimbs: Take out the Alabama game, and he might be considered among the best punters in America. We're going to miss him next season.


BayouDawg said...

As I said in July, winning will take care of all the other things. I think we got this one and couldn't agree more about Chapas, Jones, and Irvin.

Bop said...

What I have heard lately on Favors doesn't sound good.

Irvin has been huge for us this year with Owens going down. He needs to have the game of his life in Jax.