Sunday, October 12, 2008

Top 3 Reasons The NFL Might Be Better Than College Football

Here is why I think the NFL is run better than college football:

3. SCHEDULING- The scheduling for the NFL is obviously more balanced year to year than college football. The bad teams from the year before play the bad teams out of conference the following year. This is why the playoff teams change each year. I am not sure if college football has an answer for this problem, but they could at least make each conference have a championship game.

2. NO VOTERS- I am so sick of the voters for college football. Just look at the top 25 for this week. #1 OK loses to #5 Texas and drops from 1 to 4? What? #3 UGA lost to #8 Alabama and dropped to #10. USC beats a (2-3) ASU team and jumps Texas Tech? What? ASU sucks! Alabama is idle and gets jumped whereas an idle USC doesn't get jumped a few weeks ago. It is so bias it is ridiculous. And it does matter.

1. PLAYERS DECIDE CHAMPIONS- Playoff system. This is an obvious no brainer. Until college football comes up with something that allows the players to decide the Champs, the NFL will dominate the end of the season. The NFL never has complaints about who is in the game and they never split Championships in a year.

Now I love college football. The atmosphere in the SEC can't be matched. All I am saying is that the NFL is run better than college football.


Mike said...

Here's how I've always looked at it: Every year ends with controversy. Imagine if some sort of a playoff system had always been in place and the BCS had never come into existence, would people be crying for an alternate system that averages out the polls and tries to ensure that the number one and two teams in the country play each other? No way. Hell I can't even conceive such a thing. Why is it so important that the absolute two best teams in the country play each other? Is it so terrible if a team that's made the hypothetical playoffs benches it's starters for the last two weeks of the season? Nope. There's a reason every other sport uses a playoff system: It works! The best team at the time won. The Rockies weren't the best team in the National League last year and they made it to the series, the Giants weren't the best team in the NFL and they won it all. I don't feel cheated by either one of those examples. If smaller schools were to get left in the dust by a playoff system then oh well. This is capitalism baby. But it's all on deaf ears so you might as well just sit back and let the power brokers do their jobs.

JJ said...

There will always be polls every week in college football. With 76 teams in the BCS conferences, there has to be some ranking system to give the average college football fan an idea of the relative strength of a particular game (for viewing purposes.) For example, 50% of the public that ended up watching the game wouldn't have all been interested in watching Missouri and Oklahoma State play on Saturday night, unless they saw that one of them was ranked 3rd and the other one was 17th (or whatever OSU was ranked before that game.)

Personally I like the way college football is right now. Controversy isn't always a bad thing. However, it is clear that I am way in the minority on this. My guess would be that less than 5% wouldn't want to see a playoff. With those kind of numbers it is hard for me to argue against it.

Bop said...

m...agree completely.

Like JJ said, you gotta have polls.

NCAA needs a playoff (i'm sure we'll get into this topic down the road) but college football is 100 times better than the NFL.

Bear said...

There is a way to schedule in college like they do in the NFL. It could easily work in conference games. SEC example: Of course you play your divisional teams. But when you schedule the opposite division you simply let Mississippi State play Vandy, Kentucky, and South Carolina instead of Georgia, Florida and Tennessee. Of course you can't set schedules 5 years in advance like they do now and it would take a shift in mindset of the AD's. And that may not actually make it more like the NFL. What you can't change or account for is recruiting vs. the draft.

I personally like the Bowl System, not the BCS in its current form. JJ, I agree that there will always be polls in college football, as there should be. I hate that computers help in any decision about who plays in any Bowl. That fact alone is enough to get rid of the BCS, as it is. I am a big proponent of the Top 8 teams playing in a seeded playoff. Any more than that will make the season too long on the players and the fans.

To make it work, every conference needs to participate in a Championship game or the Championship game should not be counted against the losing team when considering post season play. I think there needs to be an even playing field as far as that goes.

Never, ever should a team like Hawaii play in the playoff. I'm sorry they play in the conference that they play in, but those teams are simply not as good as the 3rd or 4th best teams in the bigger conferences. People will point to Utah and Boise St. in opposition. Well, I just don't think they will hold up playing 2 or 3 games against the big boys and therefore they merely take up a spot.

Worm said...

I agree polls will and should be in college football. The bias just sucks.
100 times better Bop? Is it the atmosphere or the product? Would your opinion change if you were from Pittsburgh?

Bop said...

I know where you're coming from for sure. If I was from Pittsburgh, even though I'd be a huge Steeler fan, all I'd be caring about is if the Nittnay Lions were gonna play for it all.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to shout you down for blasphemy, but then realized you were right. I still think the NFL is boring as hell though.