Friday, October 31, 2008

Q&A with CollegeFootball365: WLOCP Edition

LeakBrewerGator, the publisher of the fine Florida Gator blog CollegeFootball365 has been kind enough to join us for a little Q&A in anticipation for the 2008 World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Make sure you visit Cfb365 for all your Gator info. There is also a good weekly Heisman Watch and Power Rankings on his site to follow.

Cfb365 also did a Q&A with us to get the Dawg side of the story for the WLOCP. You can find the Cfb 365 questions and the C&C answers here.

Lets get started...hope you enjoy:

Catfish and Cornbread: We'll start this q&a off with a short question. Steve Spurrier or Urban Meyer?

CollegeFootball365: As most Gator fans will tell you, there is always a place in my heart for the ‘Ol Ball Coach. If it weren’t for him, we probably wouldn’t have an Urban Meyer right now. His style of play completely revolutionized the SEC. He had the personality that made you love him if you were a Gator fan and hate him if you weren’t. All that being said, I truly believe Meyer is a better game day coach than SOS. I think that shows with what the two have done with lesser talent. Meyer excelled at Bowling Green and Utah. Both schools, of course, are no where near the talent level at Florida. Spurrier has struggled at Carolina without the Grossmans, Wuerffels, Anthonys or Hilliards. And of course he bombed in the NFL with a Redskins team that some would argue was less talented than the Gator teams he coached. Also, despite the bad rep he’s received lately, Meyer is truly a leader of men. I don’t know if people outside the program really understand what kind of mess the Zooker left us with. Despite the plethora of talent he left, there was an abundance of douche bags wearing the Orange and Blue. After a few hiccups, Meyer has managed to clean the program up.

C&C: There is a long list of football greats in Florida's history including Emmitt Smith, Steve Spurrier and Danny Wuerffel. Where does Tim Tebow stack up in Gator lore?

Cfb365: Well, the Heisman trophy has already put him ahead of Smith and other greats outside of Spurrier and Wuerffel. He’s also on the verge of replacing Smith as the all-time rushing touchdown leader at UF. You can debate all you want that his touchdowns are “easy” touchdowns, but that’s still impressive.

Stat wise, it’s hard to argue against Tebow. The man is the true definition of a living legend in Gainesville. He has lived up to the hype and then some. However, I don’t think anyone will be able to replace Spurrier or Wuerffel as the icons of the Florida program. Of course than can all change with a title run before Timmy leaves UF.

C&C: It was anticipated that this years WLOCP could match up two undefeateds. Georgia ran into the Alabama buzzsaw. What happened to Florida in the Ole Miss game?

Cfb365: Ah man, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to relive that shit fest of a game anytime soon. If I had to narrow it down to one word it would be: fumbles. I have never seen a Gators squad put the ball on the turf so many times in my life. The real shocker was that we were one of a few schools left in 1-A that hadn’t had a turnover going into the game. We fumbled the ball 5 times! Harvin alone accounted for 3 of those. Granted we “only” lost 3 of the 5 fumbles, but the other 2 completely killed our drives. We should have never been in the position to lose the game on a blocked extra point at the end.

As a side note, I was completely disgusted with all the Gator “fans” that were calling for Meyer and OC Dan Mullen’s job after the game. Never have I wanted to kick my Gator brethren in their collective nuts harder in my life.

As another side note, I’ll take a loss to Ole Miss every few years if it means I get to spend three hours in the stands with the talent from Oxford….

C&C: It is well known that the Florida defense is what held back the Gators last season. It's now obvious that last years weakness has now become a strength for Florida this season. What has been the difference?

Cfb365: I know it sounds cliché, but we got one year older. CB Joe Haden and FS Major Wright each have some big games under their belts, which helps our secondary tremendously. Honestly, I don’t think there’s any other reason for the improvement. We’ve just matured. Brandon Spikes and Dustin Doe are natural leaders at LB, and Jermaine Cunningham gains confidence with each snap. Also, true freshman Janoris Jenkins has stepped in at corner and completely played out of his mind.

C&C: Urban Meyer has probably done a better job in Gainesville than any coach in the country bringing in explosive offensive players. On Saturday who do you predict will have more of an impact on the outcome of the game...Brandon James, Jeff Demps or Percy Harvin?

Cfb365: The obvious choice here would be Harvin. Percy is scheduled to get double digit touches in the game. Anytime that man has the ball in his hands that much, he’s bound to do something special. However, I think James will have the bigger impact on the outcome of the game. If he can return to pre-Ole Miss form, Florida will dominate the field position battle. Not to mention the fact that James could take one all the way back at any given moment.

C&C: We here at C&C have a lot of respect for LB Brandon Spikes. From the outside looking in he seems to be the heart and soul of that resurgent Gator defense. Where does he rank among Florida linebackers in recent history?

Cfb365: You’re absolutely right about Spikes. The dude is a beast! I think he’s overlooked nationally when it comes to the media. If we’re talking about recent history, which would exclude the almighty Wilber Marshall, I would put Spikes in the top 2 or 3 UF linebackers. Mike Peterson and Brandon Siler would be my other two choices.

C&C: We'll finish up with the same question you asked us. The celebration. What’s your take on the whole thing? Is it really fuel added to the fire, or just old news?

Cfb365: I personally think its old news. I mean, we had 3 and a half quarters to respond to it LAST year, and we didn’t get it done. However, I know the Gators are using it for fuel. Meyer is that type of coach. We’re talking about a man that once put BYU decals on the urinal cakes at Utah. He pulls out all the stops.

Honestly, I think all it will do is cause the Gators to put a little extra umph on the first few hits of the game. Once things get settled in, I’m sure last year’s celebration will be the furthest thing from their minds.

I know I'm in the minority on this. Plenty of my fellow jean shorts wearing Gator fans are all about getting revenge for last year. If we need something like that to get us motivated for the WLOCP, then something's wrong...


Anonymous said...

I'm worried about James in the return game. Georgia has to cover punts and kickoffs as good as they ever have tomorrow.

Enjoyed this interview.

VOLSFAN72 said...

At least you guys will be smart enough to not kick to the guy. We are still trying to understand that he might be the best returner in the nation...three touchdowns in three years...sooner or later you learn...obviously later for us!! DO NOT KICK HIM THE BALL AT ALL!!!!
Good luck this weekend.
By the way, this is a really cool thing you did with your gator friend:)

JJ said...

Richt has actually already indicated that he is planning to kick it to him every time. I personally don't feel like there is any benefit to kicking away from anybody. The punters start kicking it sideways and you end up kicking it out of bounds on the kickoff, which equals lousy field position anyway. We have enough speed on special teams to keep Holiday in check, we should be able to handle James as well. (Hopefully these aren't famous last words.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, as a Gator fan I appreciate the insights enumerated in the piece. Enjoy the football on saturday.

Bop said...

St. Simons Island is SLAMMED. Good times.

Worm said...

No bar fights Bop.