Monday, October 27, 2008

The Original Gator Hator

There was just no way I would crank up the WLOCP week without this video. "Herschel Walker Culyer, them Dawgs is hell don't they!"


Schlitz said...

I don't know where you find something so blasted stupid as this, but I just watched that damn thing 5 times and spewed my martini clear across the room everytime. F'in hilarious. Those damn squids pull a pinch of Grizzly and that in itself is hilarious! Thanks for broadening my horizons and streamlining some of the UGA/Alligator weekend into animated form!

I'm going back to watch that damn thing again.

Drop it like its hot!

JJ said...

Have you seen the Squidbillies where Larry Munson plays the voice of God? Weird, just weird. Mucho foreign substances must enter the brain to come up with some of these ideas.